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For the week of April 14, 2004


For All Signs We have a partial eclipse of the sun on April 19 at 9:21am EDT. It will not be visible in the northern hemisphere. The symbolism suggests endings and terminations of outmoded ways of being, which ultimately trigger the growth of fresh beginnings. It is possible there will be violence on the globe among the downtrodden. A medical discovery could bring about the resolution to a serious plague of humankind. Each of us will be concluding one old story in some area of life so we can open another.

Aries The eclipse on the 19th is in your sign, Rams. Please make note of the lead paragraph. This may be a period in which more than one thread in your life comes to a finale. If you travel, it will likely be to a previously visited location.

Taurus A minor disappointment kicks up an old wound early in the week, but this is short-lived. The sun returns "home" to your sign on the 19th. You likely will find it to be energizing. Now is the time to focus on new plans for the next year of your life.

Gemini Early in the week an old issue concerning investments, debts, or inherited resources is likely to resurface for another airing. Later your attitude brightens and you enjoy favorable influences concerning romance, travel, and educational interests.

Cancer You are probably just beginning a new stage in the territory of home, property and family matters. The process you consider may require 18 months to complete, but you will be glad when you have accomplished it. Take some time with your decision process.

Leo The new arena that is beginning to open in your life may be related to travel, higher education, legal interests, or expanding your overall spiritual/mental territory. This is a time for researching your options rather than making definite decisions and commitments.

Virgo You are concentrating on a project that involves teaching, which probably began in March. It won't really be complete until May, and this week may bring a turning point or a shift in direction. It probably wasn't in your plan, but do not worry about it.

Libra The eclipse of the 19th points directly at your partner(s). Circumstances in significant relationships will run the show during this period. Aspects favor travel, romance, the arts and creativity. You have a romantic turn of mind and would rather break away than deal with the mundane world.

Scorpio You are probably giving thought to a revived program on behalf of your health. Obviously, it is a good idea, but you need to seriously consider ways to give it "sticking" power. Examine your mind for internal saboteurs and look for ways to steer around the subversion.

Sagittarius During the next couple of weeks it is possible that you will hear from a former love interest. It is just for the purpose of "checking in," so don't take off too far into fantasy, whether for good or ill. This person who "returns" is mainly curious.

Capricorn The eclipse of this week punctuates issues concerning home, property, and family. It may represent the closing out of an era of your life and the opening of another. You may feel a bit nostalgic for the old times. Aging property may require repair now.

Aquarius The water-bearers are noted for their ability to drift mentally in the midst of the world's clatter. This is likely to be one of those weeks for you. You are in the mood for romance, for play, to enjoy the arts. Your creative energy is flowing.

Pisces This is a great time for a getaway trip with someone special. You need a dash of R & R. If you are unable to travel, at least put together a few hours of genuine daydreaming time. You have a desire to make things around your environment more beautiful.

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