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For All Signs The intellectual air people (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius) live in the world of ideas and theories. They are usually talkative and are assets at any social gathering. Their curiosity attracts them to those of the water temperament (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces) who experience the realm of feelings with intensity. Airs are good at avoiding emotional territory on a conscious level, but they crave to be understood as only a water person can. Waters need the assistance of air signs to help them find balance and clarity. The key ingredient is mutual respect for each other's assets.

Aries Mercury travels rapidly through your sign between March 12 and April 5. You are loaded with ideas, so remember to give others the option to speak also, if you want to be heard. Early in the week you may be seeing through pessimistic lenses. Set aside decisions until the mood passes.

Taurus Give special attention to any new people who enter your life at this time. You are likely to draw a mentor or even a new lover into your sphere. The role depends upon your deepest need. This is a great week to spread your creative wings and enjoy the arts.

Gemini This is a good time to concentrate on difficult mental projects. Do be aware that your inner critic is working overtime right now. You may take offense much more easily than usual. You could also adopt an overly critical attitude toward others.

Cancer You may be in a particularly critical frame of mind during this period. It is a good time to work on paperwork or other types of mental activities that require heavy concentration. Working alone will be easier than attempting to communicate with others.

Leo Don't fight the Powers That Be right now. It will just use energy that is better applied to truly creative ventures. You may be required to prove the worth of something you have done. If you did your homework, you will emerge from this challenge with a sense of greater strength.

Virgo You may determine that you are finished contributing time and energy to anyone that does not seem to appreciate the effort. Let that decision remain silent for awhile before you take action. Meanwhile you have great aspects concerning the law, education, or travel.

Libra This is a particularly favorable period to make financial deals, apply for a loan, or talk things over with your investment manager. It is also a good time for a restorative retreat. Go alone unless you can take someone very special.

Scorpio Those around you may be inconsiderate of your feelings this week. Whatever someone else says or does is almost always about him or her, not about you. You could be tweaking a financial plan or another creative endeavor that began in late '03.

Sagittarius A plan or idea that began in late '03 is now due for a reorientation. You may want to force the original idea, but circumstances and people are in the way. You will fare better by accepting the situation and adapting. Your reputation is given a boost.

Capricorn It may be a challenge to accomplish necessary tasks related to home and property, but it also may be a requirement. Authorities or anyone in power could be unnecessarily negative. Love life, romance, partnership, and relationships to children are favored.

Aquarius Incoming news about financial circumstances may not be what you want to hear. Concentrate on paying off debt or adding to savings and you will feel better about yourself if you just do so. Family is especially supportive and helpful at this time.

Pisces Step aside from authorities who want to wield power now. Wait until a better time to present your case. It is good to remember that, "you catch more flies with honey than vinegar." You have favorable aspects for love, romance, and short distance travel.

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