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For the week of March 3, 2004


For All Signs Those of the fiery temperaments are attracted to the people of earth. Fires (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius) want to go everywhere and do everything at once. They seek the more grounded earths (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn) to help them channel their energies and maintain focus. The earths, prone to develop life ruts, have a need for the spark of change offered by fire people. It is interesting that eventually the fire person feels he must drag the earth person through life. Meanwhile the earth person becomes anxious and nervous over the unpredictable behavior of the fiery mate. Mutual respect for each other's assets is the necessary ingredient.

Aries The week brings a mix of opportunity and challenge. Activities involving education, short trips, communications and contemplation flow with ease. Meanwhile there may be breaks or blockages in forward motion related to home, property, and family.

Taurus Venus enters your sign this week and will be traveling "with you" through April 2. Her presence gives you an air of poise and beauty, and people will simply like how you look. An opportunity comes your way to do something different socially.

Gemini Your ability to remain open minded and objective will serve you well this week. You may be the intermediary between someone who feels hurt and another who feels angry. It will be successful if you avoid your tendency to tell others what you think.

Cancer You are a Moon child and reactive to the lunar energy. The full Moon occurs on Mar. 6 and likely will energize you into a desire to move about and break loose of the usual routine. Meanwhile you have a deadline approaching on a promise or responsibility.

Leo During this period you are probably dealing with financial issues. Your investments and/or any requests for a loan should be favored. You or your partner have a desire to reach out and expand your understanding of each other's needs.

Virgo Positive feelings and circumstances are occurring within your relationship(s) and in the life of your partner. You couldn't be happier about it. This is a good period to travel together, to communicate, and talk about individual and shared goals for the future.

Libra Venus, your ruling planet, enters the 8th sector and will remain there until April 2. This suggests favorable influences and opportunities concerning gifts or other financial resources that come through other people. It includes investments, debts owed to you, and insurance payoffs.

Scorpio Relations with partner(s), lover, and children are all given a favorable nod. Invitations may come your way to enjoy social outings. If you have a choice, set aside activities involving the law, long distance travel and higher education until later.

Sagittarius Reach out and ask for what you want. Favorable circumstances related to career, co-workers, employees, and tenants or rental property are yours at this time. Be aware that you are prone to arrogance right now and have a need to tell others how things are to be.

Capricorn Early in the week you have the opportunity to assist with the healing of emotional wounds of yourself and another through open communication. Later in the week there may be stressors in your primary relationship(s) created by children or individual creative needs.

Aquarius You have favorable aspects related to home, property and family matters. You may have a desire to improve the appearance of the environment around you, whether at home or at work. Household tools and machinery may break or create minor trouble in some way.

PISCES As the week begins, you are feeling open to the world. Generosity abounds between you and others in your life. A new relationship could begin or an ongoing association may reach a new plateau. This is a good week to negotiate contracts, emphasize communications, and educate yourself.

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