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For the week of January 14, 2004


For All Signs We have a new moon in Aquarius on Wednesday, January 21, this week. It represents a time for making a fresh commitment to expand our global awareness and develop a more inclusive attitude toward our fellow humans. As individuals we should evaluate the beliefs that cause us exclusive postures and promote prejudicial attitudes. A resolution to dispel harmful and negative states of mind is appropriate at this time. The Chinese New Year of the Monkey begins at this time. The monkey year symbolizes gambling, invention, and excitement among other characteristics.

Aries You will be preoccupied with projects and helping others through the weekend. Things may not work smoothly, so set your mind to be at peace with the flow and you will be happier. After the weekend, aspects favor travel, legal interests, influences from powerful people, and educational activities.

Taurus Good news and favorable contacts come from distant places this week. Attention is focused on making travel plans, accommodating changes made by others, and reworking previous decisions that were made too hastily. Activities involving education, local travel, and communications are favored.

Gemini Actions taken early in the week involving shared resources will be favorable. "Shared resources" include your partner's possessions, savings and investments, taxes, social security or unemployment income, or payments from insurance or estates.

Cancer You may be telling someone in your life "goodbye" during this period. If the situation is beyond your control, then so be it. But if it is because you are feeling critical, let some time pass before you make this decision. Your overall attitude may temporarily be darker than things really are.

Leo Your ruler, the sun, is moving into your seventh house of "others" this week. Changes in the circumstances of an important person in your life may have an effect upon you. For the next month many of your activities will revolve around the initiatives of friends and loved ones.

Virgo Early in the week you have favorable aspects concerning relationships, partnerships, and social activities. As the week draws toward a close, your attitude may turn dark and critical. It will not be a good time to make important decisions.

Libra You are likely to be making improvements in your home or work environment that will make you smile. Your everyday activities will flow easily. There is an easy give and take between yourself and authorities as well as employees.

Scorpio Early in the week you may be focused on organization and helping friends in need. Romance and other relationships may be a little rocky. After the weekend, life begins to move more smoothly and there is increased opportunity to earn money.

Sagittarius There is interference in your forward motion as the week begins. You may be forced to make sacrificial choices with your time. This somewhat difficult situation gives way to a much freer flow of activity following the weekend.

Capricorn During this period you could be dealing with general upheaval of the home environment. Even if this is by choice, it is still somewhat stressful. You and another will each want to negotiate for what you need under the new circumstances.

Aquarius The sun returns "home" to your sign this week. You likely will find it to be energizing. Take a fresh look at where you want to direct your energy. It is appropriate that your attention be directed toward yourself and your plans right now.

Pisces You could be in the mood for a "new look," and may take the plunge this week. You are aware of the parts of your life that have become humdrum and want to make changes for the fun of it. Beware the temptation to overspend the budget.

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