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For the week of November 19, 2003


For All Signs This week we will experience the second of two eclipses this month. It is a total eclipse of the sun in Sagittarius that is not visible to most of the inhabited world. The eclipse is precisely at 5:59pm EST on Nov. 23. This particular eclipse emphasizes ending outworn things and taking the risk for a new beginning and its energy will be noticeable to all during this period. We are each ending one significant thing and starting another as this year draws to a close.

Aries Tensions of the week will have your internal warrior on major alert. Your personal energy will be high and you will want to take charge, which is not a good idea at this time. Others with more power are likely to challenge and oppose you.

Taurus You are probably aware that in the big picture you need to focus on the subject of getting free of debt and improving your financial picture. Short term cycles through the 23rd suggest some confusion and disorganization about your work situation.

Gemini Important changes are happening with your partner(s) or significant others, provoking a need for deep thought and sharing of ideas between you. One concern may be connected to "what others think," but you know you have to decide for yourselves and leave others out of the equation.

Cancer This eclipse, the second of a pair this month, emphasizes your need to organize all your paperwork and routine daily affairs. It is important that you have systems in place and a way to file information that you can access quickly later, after the upcoming changes.

Leo You are finishing a project related to home, property, and/or family. All of a sudden you are fed up, finished, done, and may not ever want to touch it again. Those who are operating in the extreme with this aspect may be concluding a partnership.

Virgo Pay attention to your thought processes. You may be thoroughly and actively focused on making improvements in your life, your home and family relationships. Or, you could fly off into obsessions and perfectionism and expect far more than is conceivably possible.

Libra Concentrate on clear and honest communication with loved ones early in the week. Aspects suggest confusion is possible and may leave you or the other feeling temporarily depressed. The end of the week clears the way to a better relationship.

Scorpio Be a careful observer of your own mind this week. Cosmic energies suggest you may become possessed by a thought or a desire and feel compelled to carry it out, even though you know better. Sparks fly in love life. It may be fireworks or a disaster.

Sagittarius This is an exceptionally busy and active week. Be alert to the need for quick repairs related to water, plumbing, or gas. You have a laundry list of new ideas and you can hardly wait to promote them. Others are inclined to cooperate if you let them share some power too.

Capricorn You are prevented from forward motion by information that is not yet available. It is also possible that you are thinking over what you already know and may be unable to make a decision. The issue appears to be involving your partnership, your marriage, or your love life.

Aquarius Rules and requirements are particularly getting on your nerves this week. Let this mood give you information about yourself and your direction. You are on the verge of moving onto another major stage in life and this is why the usual routine feels so mundane.

Pisces Though you may have a bone to pick, this is not a good time to challenge the "rules" or those in authority. Your best path to a resolution is to find others who agree with you. Don't take on a battle by yourself during this period.

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