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For the week of November 5, 2003


For All Signs On Nov. 8 at 8:13pm EST we will experience a total lunar eclipse in Taurus. A lunar eclipse is essentially a heavily punctuated full moon. All those activities normally related to the full moons, such as increased traffic and potential for accidents, general hyperactivity, etc., are accentuated. Often full moons bring fulfillment or consummation of important affairs in life. If an activity has a flaw or a foundation problem, its crack becomes visible near the full moons.

Aries You have arrived at another turning point with respect to one or more significant relationships. Think about what you started in May 2002. It may have been a new relationship or a fresh creative venture. Now is a time of full maturity of that new beginning.

Taurus Use caution with driving and tools. A full moon eclipse in your sign can suggest excitability and the tendency to accident. You are ready to evaluate the assets of shared resources, whether with another individual or with a greater corporate body, such as your 401K.

Gemini There are two warring energies pulling at you on multiple levels. On one hand, you have respect for the status quo. On the other, you feel bored, restless, and in need of a change in routine. Find an interesting variation that won't tear up your security.

Cancer If there are issues in your relationship, they will come to the forefront for repair during this eclipse season. Cancer is the child of the Moon and as such, is unusually responsive to phase changes. You may be prone to overreact to problems right now.

Leo Your stability and grounded personality give you the opportunity to promote healing for others. You give people the security and encouragement to do that which ordinarily is anxiety provoking. For yourself, you may be focused on improvements around your home or work environment.

Virgo Love life, romance, play and healing are prominent this week. You are unaccustomed to this kind of restlessness, but here it is. Give yourself the opportunity to run errands, get away from the routine habit patterns, and explore fresh territory.

Libra The outcome of hard work which began in the spring is now becoming clearly apparent. You have probably been giving special attention to your health regimen. Now is the time to direct your focus into another area of self-improvement.

Scorpio Venus, goddess of love, and Mars, the warrior, are squared off for battle at this time. Many relationships are up for review and the basically firm ones will be tweaked and fine-tuned. One of the important issues is the matter of shared resources.

Sagittarius A partnership or a significant relationship that began in late spring of '02 is arriving at a point of full ripeness. If it has been good, you can review it now with a sense of satisfaction. Cultivate the soil for future growth, or allow it to begin a natural demise.

Capricorn You may be traveling now or just returning from a very refreshing trip. You'll be glad you are beginning the week rested. The eclipse of this week may bring up issues in love life or with children. It is important to honor them with your attention.

Aquarius This is a challenging week. Concentration may be difficult because there are so many streams of input. Any flaws in your organizational system will become apparent now. Watch your tone of voice during this period. Feelings of impatience and irritation may show through.

Pisces One or more people in your life may be reflecting back to you what you have given to them in the past 18 months. Whether that is favorable, of course, depends upon what you have dispensed over the long haul. Debts owed to you are slow to pay right now.

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