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For the week of October 22, 2003


For All Signs We have experienced heightened economic and political stresses all month. October appears to be a time of critical choices. The major issues are generalized fear and limited resources. A new moon on the 25th suggests that now would be a very good time to stop reacting, look at the big picture, and walk the high road, whatever that may be in our circumstances. The challenge is to have courage to do what is morally and ethically right, for the individual, for a country, and for the world at large.

Aries You are soaring high with energy during this period. You need to be doing something that requires much of your physical body. All the Aries words, "headstrong, willful, courageous, stubborn," apply, which may make it difficult to get along on the playground.

Taurus Your focus of attention is particularly riveted on your relationship. You may have slid back into outworn patterns of behavior, which will create temporary havoc. The point is to be truly present to yourself and consequently, the other.

Gemini You are racing this week and travel may be on the agenda. New sights, sounds, tastes, and ideas are floating all around. Carry a notebook and try to capture some of them for later evaluation. Spend time alone in order to process all the input after the weekend.

Cancer You and your partner or significant other have some important issues to work through concerning your values. Your children may be holding up the lantern that allows you to see the shadows. A former love may cross your path. It is not important enough to cause you to alter course.

Leo Your attention shifts toward home, hearth and family as it often does at this time of year. You may have a strong need to clean out debris and generally make things ready for winter. This will require three or four weeks, after which you will shift to the holiday preparations.

Virgo Communications of all types are flying thick and fast. There will be pressure to make decisions on the spot and to shift gears at a moment's notice. Clean up activity is particularly heavy around your neighborhood scene or in the garage.

Libra Do your best to keep your relationships clear of confusion and projection. Don't draw conclusions. Ask the other person instead, so you will get the straight scoop. This is a perfectly wonderful time to take a vacation near the water.

Scorpio Let your imagination flow and consider adding something beautiful, maybe inspirational, to your everyday surroundings. You have a spurt of energy. Remain conscious of the needs of those around you, or your natural drive will run over them like a freight train.

Sagittarius It is normal to feel somewhat lethargic and maybe even mildly depressed during the month just prior to one's birthday. At this time of year the sun is figuratively at its darkest and the Archer experiences a natural low. Don't take the dip too seriously.

Capricorn The pressure to modify your life so you can heal your body is very strong now. Your partner can help, but it is you who must do the real work. Your conscience (or your partner) will drive you crazy until you accomplish the transition.

Aquarius Your friends will no doubt tell you that you couldn't possibly be more Aquarian than you are this week. It may even be hard for you to stay on the planet! Your mind is everywhere and anywhere except connected to your body and the mundane.

Pisces Irritability is not a basic characteristic for the fish, who prefer to swim away from unpleasantness. But in the last few months you have become familiar with a general lack of patience, previously unknown to you. This week may bring your anger to the fore.

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