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For the week of 10/15/03


For All Signs Aspects of tension are prominent all month. If you are normally prone to sidestep stress and risks in life, there may be enough energy here to prod you toward change. If you flare easily under normal circumstances, these are days to use caution and avoid making moves prematurely. The cosmic message is to think carefully about the long term picture of your intentions. What we decide now, personally and globally, will create waves that last for many years. Cardinal signs are most affected: Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn.

Aries You are prone to impulsive action and this is a week that will bring that quality to life in a hurry. The big picture is that you are in a several month cycle in which it is wiser to let things come to you rather than trying to force things to go your way.

Taurus You are focused on whatever is important to your partner or significant other. Aspects for romance, for healing old rifts, and for positive communications are very strong. Use this opportunity to repair past damage and to create a solid foundation for the future.

Gemini This is a positive week to communicate with partner, lover, or children. You may choose to do so in a very concrete way, such as offering a gift or a special token of affection. It is a good time to heal old wounds and mend fences.

Cancer You have especially positive aspects for communion with children and/or lovers at this time. It is a good week to do things you consider fun and pleasurable. Saturn in your sign since last June threatens to make a workaholic out of you! Enjoy a breather.

Leo Bring things to a favorable closure before shifting into fresh territory on the 23rd. You might be finishing a piece of formal communication, such as a paper or a speech. You could be closing on a contract, or simply cleaning up projects on your desk.

Virgo This is a great week to get to the bottom of things, ferret out secrets, and clear the air. You might even do this metaphorically, by cleaning out closets or the attic. You could generate a far deeper understanding between you and a family member.

Libra Be aware that a minor misunderstanding could generate hurt feelings between you and a child or a lover. Stay alert to shifts of mood of the "other" and work toward being really clear about your intention so that you won't inadvertently botch a communique.

Scorpio You have very positive aspects for love, romance, and social life this week. It also looks good for business travel or doing business with someone at a distance via phone or Internet. A minor misunderstanding may create hurt feelings.

Sagittarius Favorable news comes your way concerning a friend, a significant other, or someone whom you are consulting. Love and social life are positive this week. You have the opportunity to help another who is less fortunate, through your career position or status in the world.

Capricorn Friends and associates will be a source of help this week. This is a good period to encounter friends and relatives of your significant other. You have concerns for the environment and circumstances may bring an opportunity to contribute your part in the healing.

Aquarius Travel is favored this week, particularly for those born late in the sign. You have a need to help those less fortunate and may find a vehicle through your career to do so. Help those who truly need it, but be alert to fabricated sob stories.

Pisces Take care of your health and avoid allergens in the environment. Social life is favorable. You also have positive aspects concerning education, the law, and travel for pleasure. You will be interested in things of beauty, such as jewelry, or items for the home.

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