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For the week of August 27, 2003


For All Signs Mars, the ancient god of war, is now closer to earth than it has been in 60,000 years. This did not happen overnight, but has been steadily building. It is an interesting parallel that the globe has been increasingly war-prone for the past many months. Fiery testosterone is on the loose. It affects us both globally and individually and particularly brings up hostilities from the past. Ideally they surface for cleansing and elimination. So if you are feeling this energy, use it constructively. Don't attack.

Aries This is a time in which you must bow to circumstances and authorities around you. There is a strong temptation to try to force things to go the way you desire, but it is not worth what you would have to pay to make it happen. Try to chill out a few weeks longer.

Taurus Aspects are favorable for travel, romance, play, general creativity, and activities involving children. Love life may be particularly interesting in the next two to three weeks, as someone from the past makes contact. Your creative energy is strong.

Gemini Mercury, your ruling planet, turns retrograde on Aug. 28th and will be so until Sept. 20. There will be a flurry of plan changes. Information that comes your way this week may be confusing or just flat wrong, so double check anything important.

Cancer This is a good week to spend time with siblings and/or neighbors. It could be a time in which you join with others to beautify the neighborhood or the environment that you share. Short travels and educational activities are favored.

Leo Be particularly mindful of what you say at this time. It is important to remain non-pretentious and egalitarian in all your interactions with others. If another is treating you unequally, then that is his/her karma and not for you to judge.

Virgo You may be looking at the golden ring and wondering how you became so fortunate. If you have been doing your work and contributing your share, you deserve this piece of good news. But there will be a delay in the outcome, no matter what you are told at this time.

Libra The cosmos needs someone to act as guardian angel for others and you are chosen this week. You don't even have to try. Your empathetic heart will reach out to those in need and bring the right healing at the right time for at least one soul.

Scorpio You may be acutely aware of anger at a loved one right now. It has probably arisen over time and it is hard to stifle your feelings. The problem is that whatever you say may be construed as an "attack" and that is not the outcome you seek.

Sagittarius If there is any circumstance in your life that you feel is restrictive, now is the time to break free. For some, this may occur through outside circumstances. For others, it comes from the interior. Either way, your life is about to quickly change for the better.

Capricorn You and a significant other are experiencing challenges at this time. A third person, or body of knowledge, could help you find the balanced place while you negotiate. Temporarily moving to another territory (travel) may also provide the right environment for a solution.

Aquarius This should be a great week, with favorable news and events cheering your attitude. This is particularly true in matters of finances and other resource issues. Income through partner(s) is looking brighter as well. Debts will be paid, or at least promised.

Pisces This week marks a central point during which all you can say is "Wow! Amazing!" You may be looking at the formation of a new partnership or romance. If that isn't needed in your life, then perhaps you have more clientele in your business than you ever thought possible.

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