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April 17-April 23, 2003


For All Signs

Easter and Passover are "scheduled" by the occurrence of the full moon in Libra, which was on April 16 this year. Libra is the sign of relationship and the full moon represents the joint commitment of any partnership. Passover, which begins the day after this full moon, celebrates the promise of freedom offered by Yahweh to the Hebrews as His angel passed over Hebrew homes in Egypt, while slaying the firstborn son of Egyptians. Jesus' resurrection is the symbol of God's promise of everlasting life for all those who would accept the commitment of maintaining faith.


A creative project begun last summer is up for evaluation at this time. Now you decide to invest more resources or let it go. Love and social life is loaded with green lights this week. If you are still in a relationship that began in May 2002, it shows signs of new life.


Mercury is on the verge of turning retrograde in your sign. You may have a lot of difficulty making decisions right now. Aspects are particularly favorable for romance, social life, travel, and legal concerns. A financial concern meets resolution.


This is a good week to do your own thing, according to your personal schedule. Your ruling planet is shifting to retrograde motion next week, so everything will probably take longer than you expect. You may be pondering your feelings concerning a relationship and thinking over the past.


Both Venus and Mars are smiling in your direction this week. Romance, social life, career, and any business connected to insurance, inheritance or investments have favorable aspects. You may be bringing closure to one relationship even as you open doors to another.


Early in the week, complications may arise in travel or at the workplace. Later in the week aspects favor improvements in corporate or joint budgets, insurance payoffs, and/or small gifts and favors which come your way.


Rifts in relationship to children, grandchildren, or lovers have the opportunity to become healed this week. You may be attempting to bring conclusion to a paper, travel plans, a legal concern, a contract, or a decision. Do not be hard on yourself if it doesn't happen.


During the second half of April you may be traveling at some distance with a companion. This appears to have romantic overtones, even if the travel is for the purpose of business. Prepare for a shift of attention by the end of the week.


Your job or life routine may be particularly challenging this week. You will need to decide soon whether or not to let go of one of your enterprises. A relationship that you thought was finished may resurface for one more chance.


Step up your vitamin regimen and get plenty of sleep. You have a low physical cycle beginning this week and continuing through early May. This same period could be frustratingly slow if you are trying to accomplish a project.


Relationships to coworkers, roommates, or siblings may be strained. But there may be an interesting development in romance, particularly if you first made a real connection last April/May. "When one door shuts, another one opens."


Your engines are revving to make household or property improvements. The right thing may suddenly occur to you this week. You and partner are in a comfortable groove together at this time. Add some pizzazz by doing something out of the ordinary together.


You have positive aspects for romance, love, social life, and travel. Early in the week you may feel a bit gloomy, but soon that will pass and you will be enjoying everyone who comes across your path. An interesting option develops which could alter your usual routine.

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