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April 10-April 16, 2003


For All Signs
On April 12 Mercury moves into its "preview shadow" pattern. As a planet goes retrograde, it appears to slow its motion to a point of full stop, after which it seems to go backward from the earth's point of view. Mercury will not be officially retrograde until the 26th, but as it slows motion we will begin to feel the usual effects: mistaken communications, computer snafus, schedule confusion, etc.

You are at a low both emotionally and physically at this time. Though you are normally prone to push yourself, this is a better period to listen to your body and give it what it needs. One career/goal related project is stymied for the present, but another one has the go-ahead.

You would be happy to take the first flight to Tahiti and never bat an eye over it. Short of that, you may be taking small mental breaks this week. If you are on schedule, you have just finished a big paperwork project, and a vacation is in order.

Gemini Intuition, confusion, or plain worry may cause you to stop dead in your tracks on a previous decision about investments and/or resources that you share with others. You can be still on this for awhile. Pursuing it may keep you awake at night.

The moon is your ruler and changes signs every two and a half days. This represents your frequent changes of mood. At this time the north node, another factor in your horoscope, is changing to a new 18-month cycle and you will begin to emerge from isolation toward the sunlight.

This is a fine time to work toward completion of a long-term project, or organize yourself in preparation for the next one. Some of you will be seeing the fruits of previous efforts and you are likely to be happy with the results.

Next week you may be looking back on this period and thinking it was just weird. Communications may be snarled, confused or lost altogether. Concentrate on remaining focused so you won't lose keys, tickets, billfolds, or other small items.

This may be an emotionally intense week. You can feel change coming in relationships, in career, and in your financial picture. Although change needs to happen, you are much more prone to see the dark side than the probability for good that comes from it.

This is not the best of times in love or financial life, but it won't last forever. You are tempted to hang onto how things have been, when they really need to change and mature. Don't pressure another to do your bidding, and don't allow the same to be done to you.

If you and another in your life have arrived at an impasse, this may be the time to call in an objective third party to help you solve an issue. Change is necessary and will happen, one way or another. Attitude makes all the difference in how it evolves.

You may not be feeling quite up to par physically, but this is a temporary condition. It is the result of working, working, working to move boulders. You may receive favorable news concerning insurance, inheritance, or investments.

You may feel as though you came from another planet this week. Communications may be misunderstood, snarled, or lost altogether. Concentrate on speaking the truth as you know it, and listening very carefully to what the other tells you.

Changes may be occurring in your primary relationship. One or the other of you is probably trying to hang onto what is familiar. Changes and growth must be allowed to happen or the relationship will become stale. Let things flow naturally.

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