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January 30-February 5, 2003


For All Signs
The Chinese New Year begins its two week celebration on February 1. In China, astrology has always been moon oriented. The New Year always begins on the second new moon following the winter solstice. The coming year is the Chinese year of the Goat, which emphasizes security and suggests economic improvements.

You have wonderful aspects this week, but it will be important to keep yourself well grounded. It would be all too easy to make or believe promises that cannot be fulfilled in the real world.

In the big picture, you have a need to pay off debt and save money. This week you will be tempted to use those credit cards. Think carefully before you buy.

It may seem as though you can't get a moment's peace this week. Everybody needs something from you. It is important to be clear with yourself about how much you are willing to do without becoming resentful.

Changes made by other people in your life have been shuffling and reshuffling your schedule for several weeks. It has made it difficult to know where you are headed. After February 12 that cycle should settle, so have patience.

If you have been in a relationship of illusion, then this is the week that the truth becomes apparent. Don't make decisions based on your disappointment right now. None of us is perfect and no relationship is 100 percent. Take some time before you act.

A project that was in motion early in January has been a challenge to get off the ground. It may still be difficult, but you are now seeing daylight. Hang in there!

Your love and social life will flow smoothly and happily, provided you and the other can give each other some personal space or needed time. This is a good time to appreciate and allow the individuality in those you love.

Your ego gets a fine boost this week, via encouragement and appreciation in your career. If your income is flexible, there will be extra for your pockets. You are enjoying a sense of optimism.

It looks as though everything you reach toward appears as if by magic this week. You have powers of persuasion that are hard to resist and will attract followers.

Venus enters your sign this week and will be traveling "with you" through this month. We often feel a need to improve our appearance under this influence.

Your intuition and sensitivity to others is emphasized this week. You want to help and you may get caught up into a whirlwind of activity to solve someone else's problem. Set some boundaries on your generosity or next week you will wake from this trance and be aggravated with yourself.

This is a week in which you may come upon a major insight about why and how you operate in life. If you carry around a victim on the inside, you will see this character in all its glory.

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