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2003: The Year Ahead


For All Signs Economic conditions will continue to be unpredictable through the second quarter, although the overall trend is improving. This is primarily due to general anxiety, alternating with optimism over global and business conditions. From mid-July forward the trends will be more clear and people will have more faith in the future. This year begins with a Mercury retrograde. Global and national leadership will hesitate over decisions, ask for additional information, and generally seem undecided about how to proceed. (A similar phenomenon will be repeated in December.) In mid-February we are likely to see a switch toward ambitious action that may be brutal, serving to aggrandize national egos. From mid-June through the end of September is a period in which we are well advised not to initiate attacks or make aggressive moves against another person, corporate body or country. The defendant, not the aggressor, will win any conflict during this period, no matter how big or how "right" the assailant may be. The last quarter of '03 is generally a time for physical and emotional healing, individually and globally.

Aries As the year begins, you will be reworking projects related to your goals or career activities. From mid-January through early March, aspects favor travel, legal concerns, publishing, and dealing with people at a distance. Interests concerning finances, love life, children and fun are favored through August with particular emphasis in late April and early July. From June forward, it will be important to give attention to issues concerning aging property and also to needy family members. Between mid-June and the end of September, it is best to remain in the background and contemplate your next plans. Throughout the second half of the year, you are well advised to allow changes to come to you, rather than being the initiator. Improved conditions related to job and working environment will begin in September and continue through the end of the year, with special emphasis in November.

Taurus A new start or a change in your partnership(s) that began in December '02, will grow, change, evolve, and transform throughout the year. Times of adjustment and negotiation in this arena occur near March 26, June 5, July 24, September 16, 27, and November 12. A time of particular enlightenment concerning relationships occurs in August-September. You are likely to encounter a whole new group of friends and associates between March and September. Mercury's retrograde transit through your sign in April and May will make it difficult to plan or complete anything. Have a sense of humor and allow extra time. Long term financial pressures begin to ease in June and you may decide to purchase a used vehicle or one which is economical. The summer suggests changes in the neighborhood. From September to the end of the year the romantic picture is essentially favorable. Those who want children may be granted their wish in the second half of the year.

Gemini For the past 2 years you have experienced significant challenges to your identity, in your partnership(s), and possibly also in the area of personal health. The point is that if you want to continue to be creative, you must stop and deal with certain realities that have long interfered with your forward motion. You must take yourself more seriously and become more intentional and self-directed. By now you have either chosen or been forced to make new, life-renewing decisions. Those who are experiencing health problems, particularly with bones and teeth, will find clear improvement after May. Between March and September you will notice a certain restlessness developing, concerning career and long term life direction. Eventually changes will come, but for now it is important to simply consider what is most important to create in your life.

Cancer The Mercury retrograde in January is likely to affect you through the circumstances of others in your life. Life will be easier if you go with the flow and assume that few things will work out as expected. By mid-February you will have a better sense of direction. In late March you are subject to "attack" which you do not deserve, but you must defend your position. The aggressor is striking out at you, but the cause is his/her old pain. May brings a conclusion of one era and the beginning of a new time in your life. In June you will begin a two and a half year period of redefinition of self. It will require effort, but you will have a clear idea of what you need to accomplish in order to reshape your life. The eclipse periods occur in May and November, which may represent crises and intensity of mood. In September you likely will begin a year's process of education needed to achieve your aims.

Leo Through January it is important to focus on your health. Then attention shifts to circumstances surrounding partner(s) and significant others through mid-March. Long standing difficulties concerning children, debt, and community status are emphasized in March and may be resolved legally in your favor during April. Beware of the temptation to promise more than you can deliver, particularly in February and May. Events of August represent a turning point in an important relationship. It will be time to openly recognize what it has become and where it is headed. Jupiter travels in your sign through August and will continue to open your heart and attitude, along with expanding your mind through more opportunities for travel or education. Then it moves into the sector of resources and brings a year of improvements in that department.

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