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For the week of December 12-18


For All Signs We are approaching a full moon on December 19 at 9:53am EST. Although we have a full moon every month, this one is particularly emphasized because of its relationship to anger, aggression, accidents, and consequences of past actions (karma). The previous new moon, on December 4, was eclipsed which lends weight to the importance of handling our feelings with maturity during this period. Drive and use tools with caution. Count to 10. Avoid questionable neighborhoods or localities.

Aries If you feel anger brewing, speak up during a quiet moment of conversation. Don't ignore it or a sudden and unexpected episode this week may cause you to explode. Your reflexes and reactions may be exaggeratedly quick or too slow. Use caution when driving, dealing with tools, and in physical exercise.
Taurus The last of the illusions is cracking up concerning a partner or significant other. It may not feel great right now, but it will free you to make more informed choices. You may be disappointed concerning career, but this is a passing phase. Activities concerning travel, the law, and people from a distance are favored.

Gemini This is a good time to tackle creative projects that involve a lot of details and careful concentration. Be kind to your body and don't press it beyond the first "stop" signal. You may be the conduit for emotional healing of a special friend. A significant other may volunteer constructive criticism on your behavior. Try to see it objectively.

Cancer You may be feeling conflicted at this time about whether to spend time in solitude or involve yourself with others. Children and/or lovers may need your attention. But you have work commitments that require concentrated attention. So sleep may run short this week.

Leo You can now see the results of a project in communication that began last spring. This is a good time to evaluate progress and tweak the process involving significant others. Your attitude is upbeat and love life is favored. Travel for pleasure may be on the agenda now or in the near future.

Virgo This is a very good time to focus on emotional healing, especially if related to children, siblings, roommates, or lovers. Communications and routine errands flow freely and rapidly. You may be learning new skills, taking or teaching some type of class. Unlike others in the zodiac, your reflexes are in good shape.

Libra The last thing in the world you want to do right now is follow routine. Give yourself some slack and take a breather. If you don't, you will resent it and that uses more energy than it is worth. You want to add something beautiful to your surroundings, but don't overdo on the credit or you will regret it later.

Scorpio This is an unusually complex week. You will be working hard, but it may feel that the effort is not compensated, except in general good will. The energy feels as though the engine is revved but the brakes must be applied. Love life is confusing. Take special care of health needs now.

Sagittarius It may feel as though there is a wide gulf between you and a significant other. Do the best you can to cross it, but if you are not welcomed on the other side let it drop for the present. You continue to be in a high energy phase with good news concerning travel, the law, and people from a distance.

Capricorn There are multiple threads occurring in your life at this time. A project of several months is now being evaluated or judged by a less than friendly source while you wait. Meanwhile, you are ready to take an initiative toward healing on the mental or emotional level. You have a green light in that department.

Aquarius This is likely to be a strange week. There are multiple ups and downs and very little about which you feel neutral. An activity related to career may fall through, but if you will look at the larger picture, you know things are improving. Step aside from confrontations with adult children and/or lovers. Nothing will be accomplished there.

Pisces You are now experiencing a final harvest of something you decided to accomplish last January. If you have stayed with the program, this time will be rewarding. Don't allow the opinions of others to confuse your evaluation of your progress. Relationships to coworkers and authorities are favorable.

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