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December 5-11, 2002


For All Signs
A solar eclipse occurred in the early morning of December 4 in the sign of Sagittarius. This heralds a three-week period in which the global news may be significant. We are in the frame of mind for confrontation, which often precipitates crises, both personal and universal. Fortunately there are also aspects that suggest negotiation is possible and confrontations may transform into agreements if we handle these energies with maturity and a universal perspective.

This is likely to be a fairly quiet week for the Rams. Finish whatever projects are on your platter and prepare for those to follow. Next week will be loaded with more to do than you can manage, so concentrate on preliminary necessities now while you have the time.

Since early fall Venus has been making an unusually long trek through your relationship house. By now you have looked back, reviewed the past, and made some decisions not to repeat old patterns. At this point it is time to gaze toward the future. Open your mind and heart to new people, new options.

Saturn, traveling through your sign over the last two to three years, has been hard on bones, hair, and teeth. It is possible that you are feeling more alone than you did before this transit began. It has been, overall, a trying period that will shift next summer. Hold onto your optimism and don't allow the inner critic to get the upper hand.

Because you are moon ruled, eclipses are particularly notable in your life (see lead paragraph). The eclipse of December 4 suggests that it is a good time to make a new start in the following areas: organization of work related details, considering a new job, or beginning a new life routine that will improve health.

This is a period of intense experiences and feelings. New love may come to those who are interested. Now is the time to capitalize on your creativity. Sculpt, paint, write a song, or make a baby. Relationships of all types are favored. Those with children have cause to feel proud. Travel is positive.

It is important to be aware of the inner critic, the one with negative thoughts and accusations. It lives inside each of us, and sometimes it overwhelms good sense. You could be observing some genuinely difficult realities, but your lens is not balanced right now. Be wary of judgmental attitudes, whether directed toward yourself or others.

This is a quiet week with no new aspects to ripple the waters. Take advantage of it. Finish old projects and give thought to how you will improve your financial picture in the next year. It is a good time for evaluating which efforts "work" to accomplish monetary goals and which do not.

Mars, your ruling planet, has now entered your sign. The red planet is the ancient god of war. "He" represents the part of us that knows what we want and pursues the desired objective. This energy often gives us the desire to tackle projects that require unusual physical strength. Finances are favored.

You are especially strong and confident this week and positively radiate with energy. Stay awake and don't allow your optimism to become arrogance. Now is the time to make a fresh start on a self-improvement goal. Activities involving travel, the law, the Internet, and publishing are favored.

A major project of the spring, involving multiple details and concentration, arrives at a turning point. Now is the time for a preliminary judgment of that work. You need an unbiased opinion because you may be seeing through a darkened lens. Ask a helper for an evaluation. Backup or make copies of everything!

Friends and community contacts are supportive and agreeable. Relationships to children and/or lovers may not be so pleasant. Make an effort to maintain a fair and unbiased point of view. Don't allow the inner critic to consume your thoughts and harden your feelings.

The normal routine of the workaday world may give you joy and an improved sense of confidence this week. It would probably surprise you to know just how many people value what you do in an ongoing way. If you pay attention, you will see signs and symbols of appreciation for who you are.

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