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For the week of Nov. 28-Dec. 4, 2002


For All SignsThe Thanksgiving holiday is surrounded by neutral energies, so this will probably be an uneventful celebration for many. Hanukkah begins on November 30 and aspects are favorable. Hanukkah is a time of self-reflection about relationships and encourages the healing of old rifts. It annually falls on the 25th day of the third lunar month (Kislev) in the Jewish calendar. This is in the "dark" of the Moon, the period just before the New Moon in which we cannot see its reflection. The symbolism suggests we must look inside our hearts for signs of light.

Aries You will be concluding a cycle of several weeks at this time. After the weekend, your attention will begin to shift toward issues of intimacy and partnership, joint and corporate financial matters, taxes, and/or estate and business planning. A fresh beginning in your relationship is now possible.

Taurus This time brings a turning point in partnership(s) and relationship to significant others. A minor skirmish may bring an end to an unstable situation. Those in essentially solid relationships are willing to work through whatever small issues may arise. Then renewed commitment is the order of the week.

Gemini Activities involving travel, communications, and dealing with people at a distance are favorable and powerful. You are in a positive frame of mind and will likely enjoy whomever is in your sphere of attention. Don't allow the inner critic to interfere with a potentially propitious week.

Cancer You could find yourself reflecting and talking about your philosophy of life this week. It is also likely that you will be drawn to contact persons who live at a distance, or they may contact you. For those traveling, you may experience a surprising sense of familiarity with the surroundings.

Leo Romance, fun and social life are all favored this week. You have a desire to enjoy music, the arts, and things of beauty. You may be in contact with a past lover. Enjoy the interchange, then let it go. Youth may fall into old habits and need containment. Intuition is strong.

Virgo This is a wonderful time to escape for R&R. The Virgo personality is so prone to constant work. Let it go for this holiday, or at least insure that everyone has a role as helper. At this time you are drawn to reminisce and review pleasant moments of the past. Intuition is especially strong now.

Libra There may be extra expenses related to your vehicle or other transportation items. Choose your words carefully with loved ones. A chance remark can generate a problem that may require a day or two to clarify. Now is the time for a renewed commitment in a solid relationship. Those not promised can be on the lookout for a new love.

Scorpio Mars, the warrior, enters your sign this week and will be traveling with you for seven weeks. This energy is best used to handle physically heavy projects or take initiatives that you might not otherwise tackle. Financial matters may be troublesome. Now is the time to make a fresh beginning in relationships.

Sagittarius Archers can sometimes be arrogant and opinionated, and this is one of those times. If you want to "win friends and influence people," give the other person adequate opportunity to speak and listen before you respond. Your mind is loaded with new ideas and your energies are high. Travel aspects are favorable.

Capricorn You have almost no new aspects this week. That promises a respite from heavy concentration of work during the last two to three months. You may feel that you would like to curl up by the fire with a good book, or be still with yourself. Put away the "work" voice and enjoy the peace.

Aquarius You have highly favorable aspects for the holidays. This would truly be a good time to heal rifts in relationships, particularly with children. Romance and social life are auspicious. A new family member may be in your midst this year. Partner(s) and significant others are supportive.

Pisces Aspects favor enjoyment of home, hearth and family during this period. Your relationship to a significant other is talkative and pleasant. Good news or favorable developments are likely concerning career and work routines. An issue floating in the back of your mind may be worrying you. Don't allow it to interfere with the positive week.

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