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For week of October 10-16, 2002


For All SignsVenus, goddess of love, turns retrograde October 10 and remains so through November 20. This event occurs approximately every 18 or 19 months. During her ebb periods we reflect on our personal needs with respect to partnerships. Meanwhile, it is common for ongoing relationships to shift toward neutral or even into temporary reversal. The universal message is to think carefully about who you are before making a commitment. From the global point of view, these periods often mark times when treaties or agreements between nations are violated.

AriesIn early May you started a new project, probably due to challenging circumstances, concerning your vehicle, other machinery, a contract, or other communications. This period brings up the issue again. If the subject involves something broken, the probability is that you will be revisiting the problem again in December.

TaurusGive special attention to the lead paragraph because Venus is your ruling planet and is located specifically in your territory of relationships and clientele. You may now be taking another look at a decision originally made in May, but not acted upon until August.

GeminiIt may be hard to move forward this week, due to challenges concerning property, equipment, health, or family issues. Your reflexes and normal muscle control are out of sync, so use special caution and listen to your body. This is one of those intermittent times when your mood is edgy because you have to be still and that does not suit your nature.

CancerVenus is beginning to retrograde in your territory of romance, play, creativity, and children. This suggests that there is some need to "go back" or reevaluate your position in relation to current activities in these areas. You may need to slow down or take a breather from forward motion so you can look more deeply at your personal needs.

LeoYou now have an opportunity to build upon a career objective that originally surfaced in the spring of 2000. You may be asked to mentor others in one arena, while becoming a student in a different territory. Probably you would rather play than focus on anything productive, but this is an advantageous time.VirgoA project begun under difficult circumstances in May now arrives at a critical point. Do you pour even more effort and energy into it now? It is probable that the timing is off, even if the plan is good. It may flow better if you start again at another point.

libraBecause Venus is your ruling planet, it will be worthwhile to focus attention on the lead paragraph. "She" is backtracking in the territory of finances and other personal resources, so these topics will have special priority this fall. It is in your better interest to conserve assets (money, time, health, and energy) during this period.

ScorpioPlease note the lead paragraph because Venus is retrograding in your sign so it will be especially emphasized for you. Aspects suggest you may be feeling irritable and critical. Objects and people are just not cooperating, and you may also be concerned about finances.

SagittariusIn the late spring of 2000 you began a new era in the territory of employment, self-improvement, pet adoption, and/or property. At this time there is a turning point in the cycle. You need to take things one step further and expand the territory. It requires additional learning or teaching, but the result will have long-term value.

CapricornYour complete concentration is required to accomplish a particular task concerning the organization of financial and other details. You may have to stop everything else so you can do this work, which first began in May. Even then it won't be quite finished, but this step is crucial. The conclusion and its reward will occur in the spring of '03.

AquariusThose of you with children have experienced ongoing challenges in those relationships for a couple of years. In May there was yet a new development in the saga, which comes to a turning point at this time. This is the time to request help from a partner, or one who can act as intermediary/mentor on the issue.

PiscesIn the late spring of 2000, you began to lay the groundwork for a long-term project related to education, communications, siblings, and/or environmental improvements. During this period you have the opportunity to add another block to that beginning.

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