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For week of September 26-October 2, 2002


For All Signs: The Saturn/Pluto opposition, about which I wrote so many articles in the past year, is technically completed. It has been my expectation for several years that the effects of this difficult combination will not fully abate until after June of '03, when these planets are no longer in opposing signs. We are experiencing the "karma" from past behavior and postures. This is true individually and in the global picture related to corporate failures and an ailing economy.

Aries: There are no new aspects for the Rams this week. That may give you the opportunity to complete things you already have in motion. Mercury is retrograding in the territory of significant relationships, contracts, and clientele. These areas may be challenging because it is difficult to make decisions or finalize activities. Have patience.

Taurus: There is a minor aspect suggesting difficulties between you and another over the subject of resources. It may simply be that there isn't enough money, time, or energy to accommodate both your desires. Be aware that you could turn this issue into something personal when it is merely a reality of life at this time.

Gemini: Information comes your way this week concerning your children, your creative activities, or your lover. It probably involves returning to a previous conversation or experience and reworking it to a more favorable conclusion. It is possible that a change needs to be made regarding previous plans.

Cancer: We are in the middle of a three-week Mercury retrograde period. For Moon Children, the area of Mercury's focus is related to property, family, and issues of security. You are likely reworking things in one of these territories. Family members may be erratic or hard to pin down, making it difficult to conclude open agendas. Have patience.

Leo: Organizing your life's details and putting your health in order has been important to you for the last several months. At this time you are seeing the results from that effort. Relationships and social life have favorable aspects. You and the "other" are sharing a mutually generous attitude, which makes life far more pleasant.

Virgo: The probability is high that you will discover some error made in the past that must be rectified fairly soon. It may be as simple as finding a bill that was forgotten and left unpaid. Or it could be a little more complicated and involve a previous misunderstanding with a loved one.

Libra: Necessary expenses (those not of the "fun" type) may develop this week. If not that, you could be just having a little blue mood. It is one of those times when we become aware that our loved ones can never know or understand fully what is inside of us. This is an existential dilemma that everyone encounters now and then.

Scorpio: This should be a fairly routine week. Circumstances involving love life and money may feel a bit tight. You may experience an emotional droop near October 1, in which you perceive yourself to be alone in the world. This is a temporary mood, so don't take it seriously. You know you are prone to overreact at times.

Sagittarius: Your partner or clientele may be bouncing off the walls with this Mercury retrograde. It has been retrograding in the Archers' territory that concerns friends, organizations, and community contacts. You may be having difficulty bringing things to fruition or conclusion in any of these areas.

Capricorn: You are called upon this week to be the vehicle of healing for another. The ironic twist is that the issue at hand is close to home and your own personal history. Sometimes helping another with problems we have encountered is a great blessing.

Aquarius: Aspects favor activities related to travel, encounters with those at a distance, the law, education, and hierarchal organizations. There is one small caveat. Mercury is retrograding in this same territory and suggests that whatever decision is made in these areas is likely to be revised. It is also possible that there is a sense in which you are "returning" or "going back" to a previous experience in these areas.

Pisces: You are on target for a close encounter of the intimate kind, particularly between October 1 and 6. It is possible that this relationship is hidden from the rest of your world, for purposes that make good sense to you. Even if that is not the case, you are likely to be the happy participant in an idyllic and deeply shared experience with a significant friend.

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