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For week of September 19-24, 2002


For All Signs The full moon occurs at 9:59am EDT on September 21. This one is particularly emphasized because of its relationship to anger, aggression, accidents, and consequences of past actions (karma). The effects of the full moon are most prominent within two days on either side of that moment. Drive and use tools with caution. Avoid questionable neighborhoods. In other cosmic news, we will have the fall equinox on September 23 at 12:56am EDT.

Aries A project begun in the spring/summer of '01 is now reaching a culmination point. If you have handled all the details along the way, the outcome will be supportive to your sense of self-esteem. It is possible your efforts have threatened the powers-that-be, who may attempt to oppose you. Do not respond in a ruthless fashion, even if someone deserves it.

Taurus You may find yourself in the position of arbiter between two factions, neither of whom is seeing a realistic picture of the situation. Concentrate on remaining grounded. It is possible that all of this is going on within your own heart, as you internally hash over a need to add more love, luxury, and beauty to your life.

Gemini This is a good week to catch up on correspondence and reconnect to people from your past. Aspects favor travel or contacting those at a distance. Meanwhile, you are at a turning point on a challenging project begun early in June. You may be required to go back and rework part of it.

Cancer This is a fairly significant period for the Moon Children. You have a major task before you in which you should be deeply immersed. If you haven't begun, it's best to get with it, because time is going to move with or without you. You need to do the groundwork now that will set a foundation for important changes in life direction beginning next summer.

Leo You have a strong desire to beautify your surroundings during this period. It represents the more buoyant attitude you have enjoyed for the last several weeks. Opportunities to improve relationships to family are likely now.

VirgoThis is likely to be a significant week with activity on numerous fronts. Pressure in the workplace has you taking on extra hours while making improvements on a project begun in early June. Meanwhile, a situation concerning family or property demands additional energy. Set boundaries on what you are willing to do, for good self-care.

Libra Your need to increase the romance and beauty in your life is intense right now. You may be tempted to spend quite a lot to make it happen. If you can afford it, have at it! For those who can't, consider letting yourself be creative and make something.

Scorpio Your energies are high and you can accomplish a great deal of work now. Hold in mind that you are the one with the energy, so don't critique others if they can't or won't match it. Avoid antagonizing those in power during this period .

Sagittarius During this period you must prove the value of your efforts on a project that began a year or more ago. You are focused and bent on having things your way, so you are tempted to railroad those who interfere.

Capricorn In May-June, you renewed commitment to a self-improvement program. At this point, you have arrived at a plateau or a turning point. You may be tempted to give it up, but this is just the time to intensify your efforts.

Aquarius The last thing in the world you want to do right now is follow routine. Give yourself some slack and take a breather. If you don't, you will resent it and that uses more energy than it is worth. Let your imagination flow and consider adding something beautiful, maybe inspirational, to your everyday surroundings.

Pisces This period may be difficult for those on a diet or other self-improvement program. You are prone to self-indulgence right now. Perhaps the best thing to do is to accept that this is so and find a new solution that is satisfying without sabotaging your original good intentions.

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