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July 25-31, 2002


For All Signs

Mars, the ancient god of war, is making particularly difficult aspects this week and affecting a majority of the 12 signs. There is likely to be an underlying sense of fear, anger and hostility all around us. However, there is not a really appropriate outlet for this energy, so many will also be feeling frustration. Pay special attention when driving, handling tools, or managing any activity that could produce an accident. If your intuition says to avoid a dangerous area, listen to it.

Aries You may feel especially pressured to say what is on your mind and get some things off your chest this week. Unfortunately if you do this without careful thought and consideration, you may be sorry later. Be certain you have clear facts and no hidden agendas in the communication. Avoid the temptation to use deceptive tactics. It likely won't work in your favor.

Taurus Your love of beauty and luxury is likely to tempt you into spending beyond your budget this week. If money is an issue, and it probably is, leave the credit cards at home. Those who began a new romance in May are arriving at a turning point on the subject of commitment and shared resources, whether that is time, money, or energy. Those with children will be giving them special attention now.

Gemini Your mind is bent on your own agendas and you may be unusually impatient with others who err or who do not think as quickly as you do. You are tempted to jump to conclusions, so inquire before you make decisions. Vehicles and other mechanical objects could break down and interfere with your progress. Have a backup plan. Watch the heavy accelerator foot -- there are officers around every corner.

Cancer Your days are less than routine this week, with little time for quiet and solitude. A neighbor or someone in the immediate vicinity may be kind enough to offer assistance, if you need it, particularly in relation to transportation. As the week begins you are dealing with small details and possible errors concerning finances, contracts, and paperwork. A reasonable solution appears by the 29th.

Leo You have a pressing need to lay some facts on the table and clarify plans for the future that include others. However, the probability is that the "other" in the scenario will be unable, unwilling, or unavailable for consultation. If you press the issues, you are likely to get fallacious information. Consider writing a letter about your feelings now, and deliver it at a better time.

Virgo You have a need to withdraw, to rest, and to contemplate your naval. Make it a point to consciously carve out the time to enjoy some solitude. The alternative, becoming ill, is not a good choice. Keep your schedule as light as possible and take special care of your physical health this week. If coworkers are unable to fulfill their responsibilities, look for a better option than taking their place.

Libra Listen carefully to the needs of those around you. Your skills in negotiation may make the difference between success and failure in communications. This is not a good time to set the agenda or initiate activity, but you may do wonders by being an effective listener and arbiter. Perhaps you are privy to a disagreement within yourself. If so, it may help to objectify that argument on paper, so each side of you is given a fair hearing.

Scorpio You may be the star of the show this week, with the need to manage multiple responsibilities. Your skills in leadership are in demand. There is the possibility that you will go overboard in one of two directions: either you will feel inadequate for the job, or you may feel entitled to overstep reasonable boundaries. Be certain to give plenty of credit to those who assist you during the week.

Sagittarius Aspects are favorable from the sector of partners, travel, publishing, the law, education, and the Internet. Good news or positive circumstances may come from any of these areas. Make the most of it. Yours is one of the few signs not involved in difficult aspects from Mars this week.

Capricorn This period marks a turning point in a project that began with difficulty in May. The enterprise may be taking on its own life now, and it is possible you need the assistance of someone who has previous experience in this area. If possible, consult an advisor who is not immediately associated with the situation. Those already involved may not cooperate because of their personal agendas.

Aquarius You may want to escape into another world this week, but it is important to stay awake and alert. You may attract anger or aggressive behavior from others at this time, deserved or not. Avoid activities that could be construed as "attacks." Concentrate on clear communications because you or others are likely to hear what you want to hear or misunderstand the meaning behind the messages.

Pisces Be particularly mindful of your physical health during this period. You are subject to allergy problems, strange symptoms, and opportunistic viruses. Don't press your physical body beyond its normal limits. This is a low physical cycle and your reflexes are not at their best. You may be tempted to escape with alcohol, but getting some extra sleep is the healthier option right now.

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