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For the week of July 18-24, 2002


For All Signs Planets which are 150 degrees apart are known as "inconjunct" to astrologers. This is a challenging aspect that suggests circumstances that are on hold. Sometimes the aspect represents being trapped in a time bind for which there is no good solution. If we make the expected choice in a situation then we know we'll be angry about it. If we choose otherwise, we will feel "guilty" for not doing what we "should." This week there are multiple inconjunctions, involving a number of signs. If you experience this energy, do the best you can to seek out a win-win answer, one that will not leave you feeling angry or guilty. Look for the unique solution.

Aries You may experience a bind between: A) obligations involving career and/or family and, B) plans to play and/or be with a lover. The probability is that you must handle "A," so perhaps you can strike a bargain with "B" for a better time, perhaps in early August. Don't promise for the next weekend because aspects aren't the best.

Taurus An air of manipulative pressure is in the atmosphere. You may be the target or you may be the culprit. Avoid control games. Even if you sorely need "proof" of someone's love or loyalty, this is not the way to make it happen. You may be tempted to cut off a relationship without discussion, which is not quite fair and you know it. Think it over.

Gemini You are in a generous, optimistic and open frame of mind at this time. You love almost everyone this week. Leave your credit cards at home if money is a concern, because you are likely to spend freely on yourself and others as well. If that is not an issue, then enjoy a splurge!

Cancer This is a busy week. You'll need extra running shoes to manage this one! Your attitude is open-hearted, loving, and generous, toward yourself and everyone else. Leave your credit cards at home if money is a concern, because you are likely to spend freely. Travel for pleasure may be on the agenda.

Leo The sun returns "home" to your sign this week. You likely will find it to be energizing. Now is the time to focus on new plans for this next year of your life. Take a fresh look at where you want to direct your energy. It is appropriate that your attention be directed toward yourself right now. But while you are doing this, be sensitive to the needs of those around you.

Virgo This may be a high pressure week. Unforeseen circumstances beyond your control use up more than a little bit of time and energy. This may leave you fatigued and unable to follow through on your own agenda. Before you let yourself be carried off by the wind, think about whether you would be angry if you do what is asked.

Libra When driving the car or handling tools, concentrate your attention on where you are. Troubling or angry thoughts may have you unusually distracted. Beware of jumping to conclusions in the area of love. You may be projecting your own feelings onto someone else. Ask, then decide. Though you may be tempted to hang onto a relationship for the sake of your image, that choice will have negative repercussions.

Scorpio Aspects are not so favorable for travel, legal or educational pursuits. If you have this on the agenda, leave plenty of extra time and keep track of small details, such as tickets and luggage. An air of manipulative pressure is in the atmosphere. You may be the target or you may be the culprit. Avoid control games.

Sagittarius Changes begun last December are now arriving at harvest. The result may not look as you originally planned, but there it is, for all to see. Changes in your relationship(s) have been inevitable. There is little point in trying to control things to suit your own need for security. It only generates resentment and anger.

Capricorn Your ability to be the stable one, the Savior, is called upon once again. This time you may feel as though you have no choice but to do what is requested. Sometimes when we get boxed in like this, our physical bodies take on the problem and become ill. It is one way of avoiding saying "no." Look for a better solution.

Aquarius The full moon is in your sign on the 24th, so be prepared for life to pick up steam and move quickly. Improvements or changes occurring in your routine work environment may temporarily impede the normal progress of your workday. Employees may have special requests and you haven't the heart to say no. Look for a way to give them what they need without creating resentment that will turn up later.

Pisces Your conscious mind is occupied with thoughts of starting a new creative project. It is also possible this "project" may be the potential beginning of a new romance. There may be something, just under the surface of your consciousness, holding you back. Is it fear of commitment? Or fear of being somehow hurt? Track down the problem if you sense this to be true and face it squarely.

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