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For All Signs We experience our lives in multiple spiraling threads. As any one cycle comes to a conclusion, we often feel an element of sadness and grief over the loss of an era. This is followed by a period of time that is empty, devoid of spark and inspiration. It is something like a corridor of time, in which one door has closed and the next one is not yet visible. We of Western culture often try to leap over the empty spaces prematurely, because we don't understand the value of quiet in the hallways between one thing and the next. If you have experienced loss, let yourself be still and give your inner self the opportunity to heal you.

Aries This is a week of hard work and concentration upon communication tasks and/or projects around the home. Mechanical objects may be irksome and your patience is required to complete things as you wish them to be. In general you are bringing closure to a focus of the past month and preparing to move to other territory. So finish things and clear the decks.

Taurus A new and innovative project of January-February is now coming to fruition. You may be seeing the outcome of a fresh idea or new relationship generated during that period. A desire to acquire a new piece of high tech equipment may draw your attention at this time. You have a need to operate independently this week.

Gemini You may have so many balls in the air right now that you can't keep track of them all, but that is not uncommon for the versatile Twins. Aspects are favorable for activities involving travel, the Internet, writing, publishing and the law. Issues related to intimacy may be challenging at this

Cancer The new moon is in your sign on July 10, so you will spend much of this week working toward finishing projects in order to clear the decks for the next things to come. You may be on a deadline of some type and feeling a bit on edge. Drive and handle tools carefully at this time because you are in a hurry. time.

Leo This is a busy week with multiple points of focus. You may be asked to accommodate for the needs of children or other loved ones. A new project, generated by your significant other last winter, is coming to fruition now and visible for all to see. Your partner has a need for personal space, so make room for growth and new things to happen.

Virgo Aspects suggest the favorable completion of projects concerning career and life direction. The work environment improves through use of high-tech equipment or the Internet. Coworkers and employees are supportive of your efforts during this period. Your health is generally improved.

Libra This is a rocky period for those with children or involved in romance. Surprises and sudden shifts are in store. You are seeing the outcome now, for better or worse, of relationships or projects that began in January-February. A new creative effort may now be blossoming or shattered (the less likely probability).

Scorpio The theme of the week is "hard work." You may be working against a deadline, preparing the finishing touches on a project involving communications. Patient discipline will serve you well now. The rewards come later. Mechanical objects and your computer may be irksome. Back up everything.

Sagittarius You continue to put the finishing touches on financial matters. Income and outgo, balancing the budget, and attempting to make things fair for everyone are the focus of your attention. Issues concerning joint finances, property and investments are high on the priority list.

Capricorn This is a week for communication and lots of it! Partners, clientele, and other persons with whom you share resources are potentially demanding of time and energy. Choose your words and actions very carefully, lest you set off bombshells. Former emotional injuries may come back to haunt you now, but don't let it interfere with the reality of the present.

Aquarius Give careful attention to matters of communication early in the week. There is the probability of confusion or misunderstandings, particularly with children and/or lovers. You and a significant other each need a shot of new energy. Plan something fun and outrageous. Otherwise boredom will leave you irritable.

Pisces Use special care when communicating with family members at this time. Misunderstandings can easily develop. Don't assume anything about what the "other" is thinking. Ask for clarity. Your frame of mind is dreamy and you need to be with nature and the water for replenishment.

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