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For week of May 30-June 5, 2002


For All Signs Saturn and Pluto have completed the last of three precise oppositions, but the ongoing theme will continue for several weeks. Saturn represents the status quo, tradition, and business as usual. That which has been the custom for a very long time is like a block of concrete, not readily moved or changed. Pluto, however, is symbolically a greater force and represents enough power to move even the most resistant and solid structures. Pluto cracks open values, ideas, and systems or methods of operation to which we cling in spite of their antiquated conditions. If this energy did not surface periodically, nothing would appreciably change.

Aries You may be under pressure concerning legal, ethical or spiritual issues that seem to have no clear solution. When we have two or more conflicting beliefs, the solution can often be found by opening one's conscious mind to encompass a greater "truth." For example, it is not necessary to label an individual as 'good' or 'bad.' If we recognize that both exist within ourselves, we can accept the same in others.

Taurus You are more than ready for a fresh start and a new beginning. Just right now the "new" is on hold, and you may be feeling like a revved engine in neutral. It could help if you set the issues on a back shelf in your mind for a time. Look for a way to take a break in a beautiful environment and be still. Let your unconscious work on this for awhile and solutions will develop in their own time.

Gemini Throughout this past year it has been important to tend to your physical body. You are crossing a significant life passage during this period and the body is your vehicle of transportation. You likely have moments of loneliness because this shift is one you must accomplish on your own. If you have tended to your responsibilities, you are now reaping the reward and enjoying a sense of accomplishment.

Cancer A long-term way of life has been slowly drawing to a close while you make the changes needed in your career and lifestyle. Moon Children do not let go easily, so the cosmos takes its time about pushing you along. Boredom with routine evolves first. If you ignore that message, it can become worse. Sometimes, as it is in this period, a major event bursts forth to change the scenery.

Leo Even though some of the big issues continue to nag, this week there is help and support from a significant other. Just knowing that someone cares can be a relief in the midst of trials. There is a part of yourself that thinks you should be strong enough to handle anything alone. Set it aside for the present, and seek the counsel of someone you trust.

Virgo Difficult, possibly even tragic, circumstances are pressing you to let go of your need for perfectionism. On the concrete level, you may be dealing with aging relatives or property. You are probably recognizing that life passes quickly and should not be wasted on endless details of organization. Family secrets, divulged during recent months, could be giving you cause to think deeply about your origins.

Libra Your project for quite some time has been to recognize that you have much greater control over your thought processes than you once believed. You can decide whether to entertain positive or negative images and thoughts. During these hard times you can control worry, fear and obsession, and deal mainly with what is yours to manage. Trying to control what is not yours leads only to wasted energy.

Scorpio This is a week in which you may not have control of anything, including your schedule. You may need to be in two places at one time, so double check your calendar. Listen carefully to what others are telling you about yourself. Even if they exaggerate, there is an element of truth in their words. A sacrifice may be necessary in order to keep the peace with a significant other.

Sagittarius Transitions in family and relationship status force you to reevaluate your priorities. Although circumstances have been difficult, you can see the long-term value of the changes which are occurring. You may be withdrawing from certain relationships in order to protect yourself and your feelings. This is temporary. Sooner or later you will be ready to handle it effectively.

Capricorn A new idea, plan, or support person may enter your life now that will benefit your overall health. It will demand concentration and perseverance, but the effort will be worthwhile. A similar development is likely in the workplace. A new job or change in routine responsibilities is a good thing, even though you may not find it appealing in the beginning. Concentrate on maintaining a positive attitude.

Aquarius This is a time of "tough love" for those with problem children. It is appropriate that they be shown the consequences of irresponsibility and they will likely respond now. Creative efforts of recent months are now at a turning point. This is where you decide whether or not to funnel greater resources in that direction or let it go back to the ethers.

Pisces Issues from your past that have paralyzed forward motion must be handled now. Old anger that you thought you had handled long ago may be resurfacing for a thorough cleansing. Talk with a counselor or a trusted friend before taking action that might not be in your better interest. Aging property or relatives could be draining energy and resources for the present, but this will not last much longer.

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