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For week of May 16-22, 2002


For All Signs Mercury turned retrograde on May 15 and will remain so until June 8. This suggests a time for reflection, a cool-down from anger, and a period to reconsider decisions of recent weeks. During Mercury retrograde intervals, it is best to gather information and study possible alternatives, envisioning one scenario and then another. The "gods" symbolized in our cosmos are at war with one another and it is human to manifest these symbols of our psyches. But Mercury is stopping to reassess the current drama. Those of us who have already experienced losses need time to assimilate the grief before proceeding forward. Those contemplating departure need to look carefully at the potential consequences.

Aries Circumstances beyond your control may be interfering with forward motion this week. The Ram's first instinct upon encountering a challenge is to attack it headfirst. Unfortunately this is not the best option at this time. It will be best to use discretion in your words, even if you are really disappointed in the actions of another. Otherwise your "attack" may be turned against you.

Taurus Feelings of disappointment related to money, career or life direction may be present as this week begins. Use the discomfort as a springboard to find a unique or inventive solution to the difficulties. Love life is a bit confusing and fails to meet expectations, but this turns around quickly as the week progresses.

Gemini You likely are pondering important issues concerning your sense of identity. This may lead you to tackle major projects that will help you toward your goals. This is a good time to gather information and perform trial runs with caution. You may be returning to your past and reworking or rebuilding a former role from a new foundation at this time.

Cancer Surprising and unexpected help may come your way this week through a gift, a favor, or the resources of another person. You may just be in the right place at the right time to receive it. A risk taken sometime ago could now be returning its reward, but the form may look very different than originally expected. Surprise is the spice of life.

Leo In the winter months you may have participated in the redesign of relationship parameters with your partner(s) or clientele. Someone, whether you or the other, needed more freedom and space to develop individually. Now you are evaluating this blueprint once again because things have changed since the original idea. The ante has risen. You must allow the situation to change or consider letting it go.

Virgo Multiple issues vie for your attention at work or concerning your life direction. It may feel as though everything depends on the results of every other thing. It is temporarily a tangled ball of yarn. Rumors may be flying, so don't allow non-verified information to influence your choices. Though it is somewhat frustrating, the best choice is to gather data and wait until the time is right to act.

Libra You may experience a discontent concerning children and love life as the week begins. Don't overdramatize the situation. As the week progresses there are improvements in both areas. Travel plans or educational pursuits may be confusing in the beginning, but changes work out in your favor later in the week.

Scorpio Be particularly careful with your possessions this week. It will be all too easy to mislay important items. Lock all belongings that are valuable and do not take chances in questionable neighborhoods. Be willing to discuss issues of intimacy, debt, and concerns regarding shared resources. Brainstorm now and search for possible solutions. Final decisions are better left for later.

Sagittarius This may be an unusually fortunate week, considering the stresses of recent months. There appears to be a change of circumstances for the better, and it may come as quite a surprise. Partner(s) and significant others may shift gears and move toward your side as they rethink the present situation. While Mercury retrogrades, nothing is set in concrete. This is a time for reevaluation.

Capricorn Your normal routine is likely to be turned over several times this week by multiple changes of circumstances and new information that alters your plans. Scheduled travel could be interrupted or detoured, so allow plenty of time. On the other hand, a necessary, unscheduled trip may be the cause of all those changes in the first place. Irony is everywhere. Rely on your sense of humor to see you through.

Aquarius This week is loaded with sudden and unexpected surprises and changes. An opportunity to grow through your work environment or ordinary routine is likely developing. You will have to consider whether the option is really where you want to go. Romantic and social life flow well after a mild disappointment early in the week. Decisions are pending concerning property and/or family.

Pisces You have a tendency to adopt the attitude of a victim this week. There may be difficulties concerning family members or property that goes haywire. But it is not directed at you, so make an effort to deal with whatever must be handled on the practical level and let go of it. Brooding will only make you feel more troubled. The mood is brightened by favorable aspects concerning children and lovers.

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