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For week of May 9-15, 2002


For All Signs The theme of this period could be entitled, "dealing with challenges in our relationships." Even solid relationships must undergo examination and practical adjustments sometimes. There is so much stress coming from every direction right now, that we may be less accommodating to those we truly love. Relationships without a solid core of affection and trust may arrive at a crisis point, resulting in separation of the persons involved. The temptation is to demand what we want from another, on threat of annihilation of the underlying contract. Don't buy into that unless you are certain. Mercury goes retrograde next week and you may regret what you have said or done.

Aries Mars, your planetary ruler, and Venus, goddess of love, meet together for the first time since the summer of 2000. This signifies the end of an important cycle of relationship, as a new one begins. The last cycle related to family, property, and love life. The new beginning suggests contracts, siblings, patterns of thought, education, travel, vehicles, and, as always with Venus and Mars, love life.

Taurus So much is happening in your heart that it may be difficult to think clearly. You are ready for multiple new beginnings. Issues concerning sexuality, intimacy, and finances are complicated, but you know you want to make a new start somehow. A new romantic or creative interest may surface, but you must deal with the complexities of your life structure before you can pursue it.

Gemini In June of 2000 you began a new cycle of relationships and also income. That one is coming to the end of its influence and now you are beginning another. You will be assessing the status of many relationships. You likely will recommit to those that are genuine. If you have relationships that are fraught with manipulation or pressure, consider letting them go.

Cancer The time has come to begin a new life, though it will not be without its difficulties. Unseen help is on your side and circumstances may change in the next few weeks, freeing you of whatever has held you back. A relationship cycle that began in the summer of 2000 is coming to an end and you may be grateful to see it go. This will make space for a fresh beginning.

Leo Hold onto this thought: there is an underlying sort of order to general chaos and it will gradually begin to emerge. If you are involved with other people's children, such as stepchildren, you will observe major changes in the making. If you have involvements with organizations or community services, you may see a shift of direction not to your liking. The tide is against you. Ride it with dignity. Tides always change.

Virgo Multiple new people, ideas, and circumstances are bringing change to your career and life direction. Though you will hear and consider a variety of probabilities this week, do not assume they are settled. On the 15th, Mercury turns retrograde, which will set those plans on the shelf for a few weeks. That gives you more time to really consider the long term picture and give it a form you want.

Libra The past few months have been difficult. You have experienced losses and it has been a challenge to keep going. Through it all you have learned to contain fears and hold your mind steady in spite of circumstances. A new cycle of Venus and Mars is beginning in the life sector of travel, education, expansion of territory, and philosophy. It may also bring a renewal of relationship.

Scorpio Circumstances surrounding income, investments, intimacy and love life have become complex and challenging in recent months. You have a desire to shake it all off and start over. The time to do so is now, though unfortunately it won't be easy. Debris from the old cycle must be handled. The next few weeks are the time to bite the bullet, so you can make a fresh start.

Sagittarius The pressure is on to make a change in your significant relationship(s). The "other" is ready for a new start, a commitment, or a conclusion. One of you would probably prefer to keep things the same, to avoid the anxiety of change. One of you is the agent of metamorphosis and it is timely. Be with this issue for awhile. Mercury is turning retrograde in the partnership sector, so there is time for more thought.

Capricorn Take particularly good care with your health at this time. You need to be in good condition to bring order out of chaos. Set your attention on organizing the underpinning structures of your life for greater efficiency. You have this skill, even if you don't always use it. You cannot know what the future holds for you yet, but you can see to it that order prevails in the present.

Aquarius Big changes are afoot concerning children and/or lovers. New circumstances and relationships are forming around them. Your job is to observe and offer support where you can. There is also the possibility that the changes concern your own creative works, the "children" of your psyche. It is common for a creative enterprise to take on its own identity and become other than what you originally envisioned.

Pisces Circumstances concerning family, property, and possibly even career, are changing around you whether or not you wish for it to happen. You must take a deeper look and make new decisions about just what truly represents security in your life. Keeping things as they once were is not possible. The past eight years has clearly taught you that fact. But you can also see that change is a good thing.

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