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For week of May 2-8, 2002


For All Signs

The pervading theme this month is generalized anger and frustration which has only limited outlets. When we feel pushed around by circumstances beyond our control, we want to dump the resulting adrenaline surge onto a convenient target. Now is the time to tackle a project that demands physical strength and energy, though take care not to push your body beyond its limits. Drive defensively because the "road ragers" may be out in droves. Treat yourself and those around you with the compassion you would give to the war weary. In some ways, many of us are experiencing battle fatigue.

Aries Rams, please give special attention to the lead paragraph. Yours is among the signs most affected by the difficult cosmic energies right now. Normal, ordinary activities of daily life may be unusually challenging at this time. One or more people may be triggering your anger, but don't let it take control of your mind, lest you become accident prone.

Taurus You have a desire during this period to take a practical look at all your assets. This includes talents, skills, business contacts, and bank accounts. You may need to reorganize your debt load so it will be more manageable. Buried anger over resources you have shared with a partner may come to light at this time. A cool-headed, pragmatic approach will serve you best.

Gemini Aspects in your sign are particularly problematic at this time. You may experience a blow to your ego which would make you want to fight. Unfortunately, circumstances probably will prevent you from venting your anger directly or cleanly. This generates a psychological setup for an accident that is avoidable if you concentrate on what you are doing. Don't push your body beyond its limits.

Cancer Circumstances may go into motion during this period that will ultimately bring a secret wish or dream closer to reality. Those of you who have a secret love will be encouraged. You have a guardian angel in the background acting on your behalf. You may not discover what is being done for you right now for a long time, but sooner or later it will be revealed.

Leo Aspects of this month are likely to be stressful. Issues may develop concerning partner(s), significant others, community contacts, and/or stepchildren. While these concerns certainly affect your life through the people involved, you are given the privilege of being one step removed from the fray. Your support and encouragement will be needed, and the Lions can be most generous of heart.

Virgo You are feeling an intense need to organize your plans and make decisions concerning career and life direction. Next week, however, Mercury will turn retrograde and you are likely to rethink everything one more time before taking action. It may suit your needs better if you apply that energy to establish more efficient procedures which will support the foundation of whatever you do in the future.

Libra If you have been careful about all legal and ethical concerns in the past year it will serve you well during this period. Professional judgment may be tested. Give yourself plenty of time to think through all consequences of your actions. News concerning educational matters may not be what you want to hear. Travel with caution. Trips during this period may be cut short.

Scorpio You have not had access to accustomed financial resources from partner or others with whom you share property. Maybe your concern has to do with money owed to you or to difficulties with investments. This week you may feel compelled to take action or to force issues on these matters. It's fine to talk it over, but remember that you can't "squeeze blood from stones." Bartering may be a good alternative.

Sagittarius If you have any relationships with ties based on manipulation and anger, this may be the time to bring them to closure. In a situation of this type, one of you is likely to pick on some difficult episode in your history, and beg for a fight. Step aside from the temptation to brutality. This only binds you further. In a seriously difficult relationship, make some space between you until you regain calm.

Capricorn The next few days may bring one or more departures. There is a somber feeling in the air around you and it is possible you will be deeply concerned about someone who is older. Relationships that are solid will not be affected, but it may be time to say goodbye to any that have been teetering. Use care with tools and driving. Your feelings may interfere with your reflexes. Try to get some extra sleep.

Aquarius Old angers that have become buried resentment may surface this week for an airing, particularly in relationship to adolescent/adult children and lovers. Don't let your mind be kidnapped into an angry free-for-all. That won't help anyone and will just create more trouble. Do your best to handle issues in a calm and practical style. If it is not possible, take a break and deal with it in a less heated moment.

Pisces You may be feeling very distressed about family matters this week. You are not the target, but you may be the confidante. Elderly family members may be in need of your assistance at this time, due to a health crisis. Aging property may break down and require a decision about whether to repair or replace it. Tension is in the air all around you. Give yourself some time alone to replenish your energy.

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