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For week of February 21-26, 2002

For All Signs This is the second week of challenging aspects concerning Venus, goddess of love and the arts. "She" also deals with money and financial resources as well. As we experience these hard aspects, issues over money and other resources may cause us to question our relationships. There are those who would let these aspects press them into manipulative moves and questionable compromises. Don't yield to the temptation, even if provoked, and the period will pass far more easily.

Aries Activities involving social organizations, friendships, and education are favored at this time. You should be completing projects and preparing to clear the decks for a shift in focus which begins next week. Routine is likely to be relatively smooth.

Taurus Changes are required in one or more significant relationships if they are to continue to thrive. The Bulls are not easily moved, but in this case, you may have no other choice. Core issues involve shared resources and/or sexual intimacy. Do your best to remain honest and clear in order to avoid accumulating resentment, which of course, is no help to anyone.

Gemini The next two weeks are demanding of your energy and resources. Pace yourself and concentrate on periods of adequate rest in order to deal with the challenges presented. Authority figures and significant others in your life may be in sullen moods. Don't let this affect your own frame of mind.

Cancer Aspects favor activities involving both career and family life at this time. Your attitude is upbeat and open for new experiences. Travel, educational pursuits, and dealing with people from a distance broaden your outlook and cheer your heart.

Leo Concerns about debt, resources, children, and/or community relationships may feel burdensome for a couple of weeks. There are requirements to consider and manage, but mental attitude makes all the difference in how it flows. It may help to know there is a guardian angel in the wings who sends help that you may not yet see.

Virgo The full moon is in your sign this week, suggesting more activity than is norm. Your heart goes out to another who is having emotional or physical difficulties. You likely will find a creative way to assist in keeping the boat afloat while this person heals or focuses on personal business. Your intuition is on target. Listen to it.

Libra As a general rule, you are polite and make every effort to keep the peace at all costs. This week, no matter how hard you try, it may be difficult to stay out of trouble. You are pressured beyond reason by circumstances involving employees or coworkers. Concentrate on honesty and avoid allowing pride to run the show. You may need to be direct about your boundaries.

Scorpio Routine projects, particularly if they involve physical activities, tools, or computers, should be productive at this time. Read the lead paragraph carefully. You are subject to emotional episodes concerning lovers, children, and/or money and resources. Avoid obsessing over these matters and focus on what is positive and working.

Sagittarius The outlook this week for Archers is mixed. Issues between you and a significant person continue to brew. An objective third party may help you find reasonable and fair balance. A family member or close personal friend offers comfort and may lend a hand where needed. Don't hesitate to ask for help.

Capricorn A creative solution to financial stress is likely to come to mind this week. Forget it, if you are hoping for an easy windfall. One which requires organization and self-disciplined concentration is more likely to work effectively. There is a tendency toward negative thinking lurking around the edges. Don't let it gain control of your mind.

Aquarius You carry around a naturally idealistic attitude at all times. During this period you may feel compelled to speak your mind and share your thoughts with others. The results will be gratifying. For those looking for a new or used vehicle, now is the time to do your shopping and negotiating of contracts.

Pisces Your concerns for security, both personal and career, may be uppermost on your mind at this time. Avoid allowing dark thoughts to cause you to obsess. Much of what we worry about never actually happens. Use that energy to develop creative workarounds and detour problems before they materialize. Lovers and children are supportive.

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