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For week of February 7-13, 2002

For All Signs The Chinese New Year begins on the date of the second new moon after the winter solstice, suggesting that spring is on its way. This year the date is February 12. We are departing the year of the snake and beginning a horse year. Horse years are restless, searching, and sometimes unstable or unpredictable. Mercury watchers will be glad to know that planet is shifting into direct motion at 12:28pm EST on February 8. Schedules will flutter and then settle. It will become easier to make plans and decisions than it has been for the last several weeks.

Aries You have favorable aspects concerning travel, dealing with people from a distance, legal and educational activities. Those who have requested loans are likely to be given an affirmative nod. Your presence is confident and others are inclined to cooperate with whatever you request.

Taurus This is clearly a week to break out of old ruts and try anything, just so it is new and different. Think beyond the box. Make contact with persons from backgrounds other than your own. Don't hesitate to present unique or unusual ideas to authority figures. They just might go for it.

Gemini The recent Mercury retrograde slowed your forward progress, but now that it is turning direct, your vacillation and introspection will pay dividends. Complete paperwork on financial projects and prepare yourself for a shift of attention on the 13th.

Cancer Aspects are in your favor this week, Moon Children. Love and social life shows promise. Help or kindnesses may come through both males and females. Activities or interests involving insurance, loans, debtors, taxes, or financially related social programs should prove positive.

Leo Your relationship has a need for a new spark of life. Take your partner somewhere you have never been together. Try a new activity. Experiment with a different approach to lovemaking. Find something over which to laugh or even cry together. Passion and play is the key to renewing the twinkle.

Virgo Now that your ruling planet, Mercury, is turning direct, you will find it easier to finish projects of recent weeks that have slowed your progress. You may find the right solution to that which has interfered. Use this week to complete creative works and clear the path for a shift of focus on the 13th.

Libra Love life promises an element of surprise. You need to break loose from old, outworn habit patterns and now is just the time to do it. This is a good time for self-improvement through diet or exercise. Positive experiences with coworkers brighten the work routine.

Scorpio Both your ruling planets, Mars and Pluto, are in favorable aspect this week. You are feeling confident and there is almost nothing you couldn't handle. Activities involving physical strength are particularly favored at this time. Your usual workout may seem like a breeze.

Sagittarius This week is likely to bring improvements in the territories of love life, creativity, and dealings with children. A small gamble will have its rewards. Your physical strength and stamina are especially good, so this is the time to tackle a heavy project.

Capricorn Not only is Mercury turning direct this week, but also Saturn, your ruling planet. Previously stalled activities will now be much easier to move forward. You have a favorable window for healing and improvement within significant relationships, personal as well as business.

Aquarius The recent Mercury retrograde in your sign has interfered with forward motion, but now you will begin to make decisions more easily. You have a need to operate independently this week, and others should be cooperative with your plans. Relationships in general are positive and rewarding.

Pisces Venus enters your sign this week and will be traveling "with you" through March 6. Her presence gives you an air of poise and beauty, and people will simply like how you look. Often when Venus is prominent we become more interested in art forms. She has the power to turn introverts into extroverts for the short period of her journey.

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