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For week of January 24-30, 2002

For All Signs The Age of Aquarius has its astronomical basis in what is called "precession of the equinoxes." The earth's magnetic north pole draws a large circle in the sky over a period of approximately 26,000 years. This is the result of gravitational pull from the moon and the sun, resulting in a wobbling effect of the earth's axis. As this circle of the "Great Year" is drawn in the sky, every 2166 years (approximately) the north pole points toward a new sign in the zodiac. The precise moment at which this change occurs can only be estimated within a few decades of accuracy. The struggle we are experiencing globally as a result of extremism and polarizing is one signal that we are within a decade of the dawn of this new era, one way or the other.

Aries This is a highly active period for the Rams, and one in which you may be taking a leadership position. Be aware that Mercury is retrograding, so adaptability is a strong suit. Don't hesitate to look for secondary solutions if the original idea seems to have flaws or others don't readily cooperate. You are in a good position to act as a mediator at this time.

Taurus You have the opportunity to merge your idealism with your work this week. You may feel particularly inspired and at the very least, will realize that you have a useful social contribution to offer. One or more people may "return" to your life for a check-in and catch-up visit. This may include a former lover. The outcome of that encounter is up to you.

Gemini Because your ruling planet, Mercury, is retrograding, there are some areas in which it appears you are moving backward or "re"-doing things. Even so, this week brings highly favorable circumstances. Love, health and social lives are improving. Help is offered in multiple ways. Good news arrives from a distance. Overall it's a busy week, laden with interesting and positive events.

Cancer Life is quick paced and hectic throughout this period. Your leadership skills are in demand and you are energized for whatever comes. The emphasis is on public life right now, and your private life may be set on the shelf for the time being. Issues concerning debt and/or financing are hard to conclude at present. Wait for a better time.

Leo Your partner or significant others in your life are shifting gears and altering plans. You, fortunately, are in the frame of mind to relax and go with the flow. Drawing conclusions or making final decisions is difficult right now. You'll feel better if you don't expect answers. The aspects suggest this is a particularly social week, with a little business thrown into the mix.

Virgo You may feel the desire to contact persons from your past and it likely would have a favorable outcome. Previously accomplished work and effort yields beneficial results at this time and possibly recognition from the Powers That Be. Travel is favored, particularly for business purposes. Be sure to allow enough time for flexibility in schedule.

Libra You are experiencing a very interesting period with favorable influences. Matters concerning travel, education, dealing with persons from a distance and business augur well. Give yourself plenty of time for schedule changes. The aspects around love and social life suggest the "return" of one or more persons from the past. You may be reminiscing about the "good old days."

Scorpio The subject of physical or emotional healing is front and center this week. You have the opportunity to make improvements in your work setting and your income, but it will require effort. You may serve as the central person to bring two others together, which will accomplish more than one goal. Your organizational and healing skills will generate positive results.

Sagittarius The harvest of that which you began in the late spring of 2000 is arriving at fruition. At that time you initiated a self-improvement program, a new job, or altered your daily routine in some way. Now you can see the outcome. Your overall mood is energized and active. This is a good time to tackle a physically heavy project.

Capricorn You have highly favorable aspects this week. The Goats have had a rough time and you haven't seen aspects this good for a very long time. Opportunities to improve your circumstances related to finances, health, family matters, and property are prominent. Use caution if contracts are involved because Mercury is retrograding. Otherwise all signals are "go."

Aquarius Cosmic aspects are in your corner at long last, Waterbearers. You have the opportunity to increase your financial resources. Love life takes a turn for the better. A former lover may return for a visit. The quality of that meeting is up to you. Venus is highlighted, and she loves things of beauty. So you may be improving the appearance of your home, other property, or workplace.

Pisces Hard work over many months (maybe even years) is now yielding a return. Your efforts are being recognized. Events of this week may serve to renew your sense of spirit and faith. There is potential for small improvements in income at this time. Make a plan that will promote personal security in the future. Relationships to family members should improve and be reinforced now.

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