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For week of December 20-26, 2001


For All Signs Mars, the ancients' god of war, is gearing up again from now through the end of the year. That is not the best of cosmic news, considering that many of our culture are entering the Christmas holiday season. When Mars makes difficult aspects in the sky, we find it harder to cooperate with each other and tempers run short. Accidents tend to occur with greater frequency, so drive defensively and give special attention to the limitations of the physical body if you attempt demanding projects. We do not have to react in an angry fashion. Remaining conscious of this energy and choosing a more productive option is a good antidote.

Aries This week a cozy retreat by the fireplace is far more favorable than it is to be on the streets. It may be difficult to get things accomplished, which can be irritating for the fiery Aries. On the other hand, if you will rely upon your sense of humor and just "go with the flow," you will feel much better overall. Irritation gives way to joviality as the week progresses.

Taurus During the next couple of weeks you are likely to encounter one or more persons from your past. The experience may bring to mind some painful memories. The purpose is to pull the old "stuff" out of the mental attic and look at it in the light of a new era in your life. You likely will see very clearly that things have worked out for the best after all and can honestly let go of the pain.

Gemini The events department brings good news concerning debts, loans, and other financial matters. You and partner(s) and significant others will likely be mutually supportive, and the mood is one of cheerful giving. Take special caution concerning your physical health at this time. Give attention to the messages from your body and don't push yourself beyond its limits.

Cancer The next two weeks bring more than one individual back into your life. It may seem like old times have returned, and you are more than a little bit tempted to slide into familiar, but outdated patterns of relationships. Observe the situation with objectivity and decide if you really want these people/patterns in your life. If not, try another, more contemporary approach.

Leo This is the time of year in which you try to do too much, take care of everyone, and often forget to include yourself in the equation. Now is the time to check with your internal sensors. Is it truly necessary to handle every last detail? If your energy level is low, give yourself a break from the usual routine. Your body will reward you for the sacrifice.

Virgo Aspects of this week are particularly favorable for romance, social life, and cooperative relationships with your partner(s). There may be challenging issues concerning juggling the needs of family members, particularly if you are married. Virgo is among the most tactful and thoughtful signs in the zodiac. You can find ways to soften the hard edges of others.

Libra You may find yourself at times this week reminiscing, even longing to return to past relationships and pleasures. If you are recovering from any type of addiction (including people), take yourself to a new and different environment, one that does not so readily bring up reminders. Concentrate on what is good in your life now and let go of the old habits.

Scorpio You may have some complaints about the way your partner spends money, but this is clearly not the time to air grievances. Carrying around hidden anger will only generate trouble in your body at this point. Set it aside, at least temporarily, and enjoy the more valuable things in life. Travel is favored and many will enjoy visitors from a distance this week.

Sagittarius Did you procrastinate on your Christmas shopping again? Archers are prone to wait until the last minute on many things. There is an adrenaline rush that kicks in just when it looks as though you can't possibly finish, and it feels so good to produce when no one thought it possible. This holiday season offers a special sense of meaning and closeness with those you love. Enjoy!

Capricorn Read the lead paragraph carefully, particularly in relation to driving or handling tools and machinery. Routine errands and transportation may be problematic and time consuming. Allow plenty of time in order to prevent anxiety. You are in need of rest, so make choices that give you this option. Otherwise the events department may pressure you beyond your limits.

Aquarius A long term project or plan that was begun in the spring of 2000 is now coming to a point of harvest. This is not a "gimme." The result is directly proportionate to the quality of the project and your willingness to work toward a favorable end. You may be feeling the pinch of finances at this time. You are among the most creative of the signs and can often find ways to accomplish what you need with relatively small investment.

Pisces Circumstances concerning family and/or property matters may be especially challenging at this time. Flexibility is required. Mechanical objects are not cooperative, and it could take longer than you expect to accomplish whatever you initiate during this period. Even so, aspects are favorable in the areas of love, social life and romance. So focus your attention on what is successful.

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