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For week of December 6-12, 2001

For All Signs The opposition of Saturn and Pluto in our sky is the symbol which represents our global economic troubles and the intense polarizing among people and factions. These planets are in the signs of Gemini and Sagittarius respectively. These signs rule the news media, mail, transportation of all types, travel, communications, the judicial system, corporate bodies of religions, and the Internet. Industries and organizations associated with these interests are subject to significant difficulties as we make our way through this aspect. The last of the three exact oppositions will occur on May 25, 2002. Beyond that date we will gradually and slowly resolve the issues which have emerged since May of 2001. Hanukkah begins December 10. This holiday is a celebration of the light of the Spirit, burning eternally, throughout even the most dismal hours of trial. Siman Tovu Mazzal Tov! (May you have fortunate stars!)

Aries This is a good week to mend fences and make apologies wherever they may be necessary. Aspects suggest an element of healing, whether physical or emotional. Over the next six weeks life will work more smoothly if you let yourself be led by the "signs," circumstances, and people around you. It is a time to respond to what comes your way. Avoid attacks or aggressive planning for several weeks.

Taurus You continue to worry about financial resources and your primary relationship. It is important to set obsessing aside for the present and display signs of faith in the future. It is amazing what an open, optimistic attitude can bring into your life. It rests the mind, allows for fresh ideas and inspiration to enter your sphere of attention.

Gemini You may need to have a frank discussion with your partner(s) or a significant other about sensitive subjects this week. Use the best communication skills you have. Listen very carefully and repeat what you think you have heard for confirmation. Ask the "other" to return the favor. The Critic is on the loose in the zodiac and you must be on the alert for accidental acts of unconscious projection.

Cancer During the next two weeks you may find yourself thinking about "going back." On multiple levels, from the most mundane to the powerfully important, you are pulled or pushed into old situations and patterns from the past. You'll recognize it because it will feel as if you just stepped into a deep mudhole. This is to remind you once again of what you have learned and (maybe) forgotten.

Leo This is one of those times in life in which you must deal with whatever is old and in need of repair. That includes old people, old habit patterns, or old objects in the environment. That which is up for renewal has been breaking down for a very long time. So it is time to use courage, go to the root of the problem and search for solid solution.

Virgo You may hope a partner or a close friend will accept a responsibility that you would rather not handle. If you do so, you likely will be disappointed. The significant others in your life are involved in their personal agendas right now. Home and hearth have the most attention at this time. A new gadget or a fresh idea may assist in making daily routines more efficient.

Libra You are working on a long-term project of controlling your mind so that it is not carried away by fear of what might happen. Remember your previous successes and vow to contain those fearful thoughts. Do give attention to your vehicle. "Symptoms" probably mean something important is needed. Making connections with those at a distance may be difficult this week. Try again later.

Scorpio Before the weekend, activity is intense and your schedule may be pleasant, but complicated. Ideas or opportunities for improving your income may emerge at this time. After the 8th your attention shifts to love life, play, creativity and activities involving children if you have them. Concentrate on holiday preparations now because the last two weeks of the month will be a zoo.

Sagittarius Aspects through the weekend favor travel, communications, and education. Give special attention to your significant relationships and don't allow the Critic to interfere with your thoughts or your heart in these interactions. A sacrifice of time, energy, or money may be needed to preserve good relations among partners, business clientele, and significant others. Now is the time to offer it.

Capricorn Chiron, planet of healing, enters your sign this week and will be with you throughout the next year. If you are aware of the need for renewal, either physically or emotionally, seek the assistance of those who have the gifts to help you. If new physical symptoms develop, accept them with gratitude, because now you can do something about the problem. Do not keep problems secret.

Aquarius This is a good time to resolve issues, make apologies where needed, and generally heal wounds with anyone where there has been friction. Initiate contacts with friends and acquaintances and/or make social plans for the holidays. Relationships to children may be under some strain. You must continue to be vigilant in that area, but forgiveness is also in order.

Pisces Through the weekend it may be complicated to make connections with children and/or lovers, but it is worth the effort. Mars enters your sign this week and will be traveling with you for seven weeks. This energy is best used to handle physically heavy projects or take initiatives that you might not otherwise tackle. It is healthier to take charge of it and deal honestly with this assertive energy.

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