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For week of November 22-28, 2001

For All Signs Mars, ancient god of war, is prominent in the sky this week, and "he" is not getting along well with Venus. This suggests heightened competition between polarized factions, whether they be male/female, extremist/moderates, or night/day. We can choose whether to play ego and war games or to seek other solutions to our challenges. This is just as true for individuals as collectives. Mars often brings out the road ragers, so use caution when driving or using potentially dangerous tools. Make more effort than usual to be flexible in all arenas.

Aries You have a stronger than normal need to declare your independence and freedom at this time. However, there is likely at least one other person in your life whose feelings are hurt by your attitude. If you want to maintain the relationship, talk about this difference in values, and demonstrate respect for the feelings that are generated. Arrogance will be destructive.

Taurus Sudden shifts and changes in your work situation (or the same among family members) may interfere with the harmony of your personal life this week. The situations that develop are probably beyond your control, so do your best to adapt with grace. If you can remain at peace, it may be healing for others as well.

Gemini You may be feeling alone during this period, even if there are others floating all around you. It is possible your mind is on issues of personal challenge and it is hard to join the world of social gatherings. Or maybe your associates have scattered elsewhere on missions of their own. Take this more solitary time to focus concentrated attention where it needs to be.

Cancer You are probably conflicted about how to handle this holiday period. If you do what is expected, you may not enjoy the activities. If you don't do it, you could feel guilty. It's a rock and a hard place. Next year will be different. Meanwhile, give yourself a special treat for doing the "right thing." You deserve it.

Leo Someone acting as a guardian angel is a helper early in the week, even if you aren't aware of it. Though partner(s) and significant others want to manage their own time schedules, your frame of mind is cooperative and you are willing to accommodate their needs. It may even suit your own taste to spend some quiet time in reflection or personal recreation.

Virgo It may be difficult to summon holiday spirit at this time. You and your family have been subjected to changes and possibly a sense of loss in recent months. It is perfectly all right to feel solemn under such conditions. But a cosmic rule is: If you feel sorrow, give attention to making someone else happy. It will lighten your load.

Libra The Sign of Balance always wants to enjoy the beauty and grace of social occasions with all the proper accoutrements. However, this week your internal feelings are less than harmonious, and this may manifest in tension with those who would rather do something different. Look inside yourself for the conflict occurring within. Don't point fingers.

Scorpio You may be in conflict with yourself over this holiday season. Part of you wants to maintain the traditions and the other part wants to do something entirely different. It is possible you are consciously adopting one of these points of view and someone else is playing the remaining role. Don't dig in your heels to one side or the other. It will only cause anger.

Sagittarius You are likely in the position of making a sacrifice on behalf of special person(s) in your life at this time. These situations come along from time to time and can leave resentment behind if you aren't careful. This is not good for your mental or physical health. Look for a productive means to let off a little steam without abandoning the situation.

Capricorn Worries lurk around just beneath the surface of your mind, but you are not in a position right now to resolve them. You will feel generally better if you offer service and attention to others in your life who may need it right now. Take care to give your body extra rest and vitamins. Brooding won't help. Focus attention only where you can take action.

Aquarius Study the lead paragraph carefully, Waterbearers. Mars is in your sign and increases your need to prove your independence. The adrenaline is flowing. Plow that energy into a heavy project or exercise with unusual vigor this week. Find a way to combine your assertive energies with a bit of cooperation.

Pisces You are one of the few signs who are not caught up in the Mars-warrior energy this week. No doubt your overall peaceful state of mind may be a soothing balm for others. The only drawback is that your ears may get worn out from listening. Remember to take some time for yourself to read, reflect, or just be still.

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