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For week of November 8-14, 2001


For All Signs I have written about the opposition of Saturn and Pluto in our zodiac in recent months. This is a symbol of forced change which began in late May, became exact in August, is now exact a second time and has one more pass in May. What I am seeing among individuals everywhere around me, is that whatever problematic thing has been under the surface for multiple years, is now coming to a crisis point -- avoidance is impossible. Long term marriages are folding. People are discovering health problems that have been in the making for many years. Careers are collapsing. Families are in crisis. If you are not having a personal crisis, then clearly you have been tending to "business" all along. Everyone's tale is different and everyone's story is immediate and critical. We are each affected individually and also on a global level. Basically the message to all of us reads: "Clean up your act, folks."

Aries You know that sometimes you act impulsively and speak when it would be wiser to hold your tongue. Rarely is it intentionally malicious. This week you may encounter the consequences of one of those past episodes. Now is the time to make amends and smooth troubled waters.

Taurus A new life goal, relationship, or career project that was conceived last December or January is now at the point of culmination. It is probable that the end result may not quite reach the original plan, but you know your goal was set beyond reality in the first place. Take satisfaction in what you have accomplished, and don't waste energy mourning the idealized dream.

Gemini A significant relationship may be disappointing this week. One or the other of you is unable to pursue it to the fullest. You may need to rely upon your spiritual connection, rather than the more concrete expressions of affection. If you must travel now, take extra time to pack and double-check reservations. You are mildly distracted and this could generate nuisance problems.

Cancer An old anger or hurt may return in a contemporary form this week, Moon Children. The point is to bring it back to consciousness so you can deal more directly with it in the present. Your mood may be a bit sharp. Plow that energy into a heavy project or put it where it belongs. Don't take it out on innocent bystanders by accident.

Leo News concerning your partner or a significant other may put an entirely new perspective on your plans. Do not expect things to remain status quo. You and "the other" may need a little space from each other during this period. Give it freely and do not look for promises in return for favors. Now is not the time to make long term commitments.

Virgo Take good care of your health at this time and avoid overindulging in those things you know are not the best for you. Circumstances at work or in your daily life may be confusing or misleading in some way. Do the best you can to clarify what you need to know. Keep track of routine items such as keys, papers, billfolds, etc. Distraction could cause you to mislay them.

Libra You may be in receipt of confusing or mildly deceptive messages this week. It could be difficult to know what is meant from the sender. Ask direct questions to satisfy your need to know, gain clarity, and don't allow your imagination to run wild. Children and/or lovers have issues and you may be able to offer assistance.

Scorpio Venus and Mercury have just entered your sign for their annual visit. You have a lot on your mind and a strong desire to speak your piece. However, it is possible that you are overreacting and misunderstanding the intentions of others. Count to 10 and then ask questions before you generate potential damage.

Sagittarius You have a need to talk, talk, and talk. But you may fear that your thoughts will be rejected. They will, unless you also listen, listen, listen. Now is the time to commit yourself to thorough evaluation and discussion of the issues between you and another. Consider alternative forms of communication, such as writing out your feelings in a letter.

Capricorn You have no new aspects this week. However, dealing with the issues of recent months is more than enough to take up your time and energy. Work toward organizing current projects at this point and consider giving yourself some extra rest. The next few weeks bring another wave of activity.

Aquarius Watch your blind side this week, Waterbearers. Things may not go as expected, particularly in career. You are tempted to hear what you want to hear, and that may not be altogether accurate. "Beginnings" of last winter are rapidly coming to fruition and there may be surprises for everyone involved in the outcome.

Pisces Information that comes from the arenas of education, the law, the church, or concerning travel may be confusing at this time. It may even cause disappointment. If it seems to have taken a 180 from what you previously thought to be true, stop and double-check the source. Love life may be temporarily disappointing. Don't overreact.

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