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For week of October 11-17, 2001


For All Signs Each of the planets in the solar system represents one element in the recipe that makes up our human energy. Mars is the ancient god of war. In the horoscope, this planet represents the style in which we protect ourselves or defend our positions. As our personal warrior, the sign in which Mars is placed at birth describes the manner in which we expand our life territory and where we pour a lot of energy. We might do this quietly or with a great deal of noise and banter, depending upon the nature of Mars in the horoscope. The US Mars is in Gemini, sign of the social communicator. As a collective we are likely to talk before we act, in hopes of persuading others to our point of view. If that is impossible, then we will move like the Twins, from two or more directions simultaneously.

Aries You may be in for a toughie week, if you are depending upon the cooperation of others to help you accomplish your aims. It will be easier to choose projects you can manage alone. Others will want to argue strategy and may withdraw their support altogether. Your temptation is to force the issue if you have the power. But this may cause your helpers to sabotage the goal.

Taurus You may be experiencing difficulties with your inner image of woman this week. In our culture, woman can be a witch or she can be an angel. It is difficult to find the middle ground, and we have few models to emulate or admire that can fully blend the two. Your heart wants to go in two different directions. Now is not the time to decide. Give it time.

Gemini Challenges may develop in one or more of the following areas: relationships to children or lovers, sexual performance, and issues concerning joint financial resources and/or debt. You may be feeling a bit off balance this month because your ruling planet is retrograde. Do whatever is needed to buy time until you feel more in touch with yourself.

Cancer You are shifting 18 month cycles, which is something that requires a bit of time. It can't happen overnight, so make an effort to be more patient with yourself. Circumstances involving family members are in flux and this generates a bit of tension in your mind because you don't know what may happen. An old order is passing away. Hold onto your belief in a positive outcome and let it go.

Leo This may be a difficult week. Your authority is being questioned by those who work around you, or maybe even by your inner voice. Now is the time to be quiet and stay small, until you have your bearings. Allow extra time for routine transportation. Vehicle problems or other circumstances beyond your control may interfere with your plans.

Virgo Your ruling planet is retrograding this month and you are having some difficulty with clarity. Consult a trusted advisor/friend before you take action precipitously. You may be feeling defensive and are therefore uncharacteristically trigger-happy. Use your brains before your brawn. Relationships to lovers and/or children may be challenging at this time.

Libra Normally you are among the most objective signs of the zodiac, but this week you may not see things as clearly as usual. Circumstances concerning home, hearth, or family may be rattling your mental cage right now. It may be that all you can "see" is your own point of view. If you are irritable or feeling on edge, talk it over with a trusted friend.

Scorpio Count to 10 before you open your mouth this week. You may feel thoroughly righteous about your opinions and beliefs, and they may in fact be true. However, you will do better if you present them in a tactful package, one that is softer than you really feel. Continue to watch vehicles for signs of difficulties and tend to them immediately. There may be interference in routine transportation.

Sagittarius This year you are in a situation of major pressure which affects many areas: personal relationships, business, and finances. You probably cannot duck it. Change is inevitable. Look at how you might become part of the solution and turn aside from the temptation to be part of the problem. The Saturn/Pluto opposition is the culprit. See the front page of my website for more information.

Capricorn Mars has been in your sign since early September. As a helper, it generates courage and the perseverance to get the job done. Its dark side brings impatience and the desire to have your own way, whether or not others agree. This week brings a challenge from the career or outer world sector. Search for a way to make the most productive use of the Warrior inside of you.

Aquarius Aspects have become favorable for dealing with distant contacts, publications, churches, and matters of the law. Remain conscious that Mercury is retrograde and it is unwise to settle important decisions now. Leave some space for maneuvering in the future. This could be a good time to review issues of the past with partners and/or significant others with a deeper understanding.

Pisces There has been some "secret" in your life that perhaps even you don't want to know. It is more likely an element of self-sabotage than something which you deliberately choose to hide from others. Beginning next week you will be more prepared and better able to handle this issue from a conscious level. Now is the time to consider your solution and plan a problem solving strategy.

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