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For week of May 3 - May 9, 2001

For All Signs A cycle that began in 1994 has arrived at a period of fruition during the months since last August. Think about what you may have begun in '94 that involved regeneration and expansion of your life territory. Throughout these eight months you have seen evidence of the outcome. The aspect particularly favors projects that could result in benefits for many. The more socially useful the plan, the better the result. If you began a project at that time which could contribute to the well being of those beyond yourself, you are seeing positive results now.

Aries Life may feel complicated for the Rams this week. You are under pressure which is the result of some combination of the following areas: finances, travel, the law, and education. Having the time to complete a project is probably at issue. However, procrastination is no stranger. You are among the best of topnotch deadliners. Your physical cycle may be out of sync. Give extra attention to your body.

Taurus Aspects are difficult this week, and along with that, a full moon. You may be stymied or perplexed in one or more of the following areas: budget, investments, shared resources (money, time or energy), loans, debt, physical well being or sexuality. Though it may feel like you are hanging by a thread, next week brings a breather. Don't panic. You'll be given extra time to resolve issues.

Gemini Relationship is at the top of your list this week. You may feel forced by circumstances to adjust to activities of your partner or others in your life. Though you are a talkative sign, the situation prevents you from saying what is on your mind right now, which is irritating. In addition, you will receive news that confirms a reality you were hoping to avoid. It will set you to work on a worthy project of your own.

Cancer You may be experiencing a conflict between a personal goal and your ongoing desire to demonstrate love and affection for others. At this point, the goal probably should take precedence. If you explain your situation to those you love, they will surely understand. Those who do not may not be worthy of such loyalty as yours.

Leo This is a stressful week for the Lions. The pressures come from conflict between career or life goals and the arenas of romance, creative life, and children (if you have them). Your temptation will be to get tough and impose your will on problematic situations. It is possible that you must do so, but do your best to find a mutually compatible solution.

Virgo As you move into the weekend, you have more on the agenda than you have time to handle. The pressures come from the sector of home, property and family matters. You always do your best and this week will be no different. An increase in worldly responsibility is on the horizon and you are shifting your attention in order to accommodate for it and live up to new expectations which may be beginning right now.

Libra You may be struggling with an age-old conflict of human romance right now. There is romantic love and there is also a possessive, more devouring love of the archetypal Mother. During this period you may be confusing one with the other. Beware of jealousy or the desire to protect a loved one to extreme. Both are signs of a self-serving desire for power over the life of the beloved.

Scorpio Watch your temper this week and think before you speak, even if it is the truth. Aspects suggest that tempers may flare between you and another over the subjects of shared resources (time, money, or energy) and/or sexuality. Consider the following question before you speak your piece: Would you rather be right or would you rather be kind?

Sagittarius Be sure to read the lead paragraph, Archers, because it particularly pertains to you. On a day to day level, the routine is far less than smooth right now. Others are not in their normal places and that leaves more responsibility for you to handle with limited time. Just do what you can and leave the rest to be absorbed later. Your physical cycle is temporarily out of sync. Use caution with your body.

Capricorn Education and acquisition of new work skills is a top priority this week. You are just entering fresh territory and it requires that you learn an entirely new vocabulary. You likely will be tested at this time, and this will be played out literally or may be more symbolic. The results will be fair and the outcome is directly proportional to the effort you have applied.

Aquarius A recent shock or surprising piece of news may be on your mind as you go through the days of this week. You would like to break free and take time to think it over, but work demands are so great that you cannot. Issues concerning children may weigh heavily. If possible, give yourself the opportunity to journal or talk things over with a trusted confidante.

Pisces Something bigger than you are is interfering with your sense of personal security. This may be the rules, an authority figure, taxes, or major changes over which you have no control. Fortunately you are born with a strong connection to the Spirit. Now is the time to remember that tie and rely upon it. You, among all signs, realize that there is A Time for Everything...

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