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July 23 – July 29, 2008



Leo The Lion: (July 22-Aug 22)

While the Sun continues its path through your sign, notice how its warmth is bringing inspiration into your life. We have experienced the annual cycles so often that we may not really pay attention to the new "birth" heralded by one's birthday. Listen to what you are feeling.

For All Signs: Chiron, the first centaur among the gods, is accented now. He was half man, half horse and his initial life task was to find a niche that would allow him a role to play in society. Because of a wound in his leg that would not heal, he pursued and designed remedies previously unknown to the deities. He became renown as a healer, which gave him status in his world. Emphasis on Chiron at this time suggests that we must each find a genuine source of emotional healing now, lest we become consumed by fear. Letting go of the inner critic's anxiety will allow us each to find a role more congruent with our true identity.

Aries: Your attention is riveted upon insuring that your prize project shows well. You may need to handle details of display, but the fact is this project is already successful. Your hard work pays off. Maybe such things would be easier if you did not procrastinate so much.

Taurus: Intensity in relationships is the theme of the week. If you are not conscious, you could be pulled into schemes of manipulation or compulsive behaviors. Existing relationships could re-experience the pain of old wounds.

Gemini: Your ruling planet, Mercury, has just changed signs. This represents a shift of attention from financial matters to focus on communications, neighbors, siblings and others who are in your daily environment. You may need to consider the needs of your vehicle now.

Cancer: You will have a tendency this week to slide into former patterns of emotional behavior, especially with family members. Conversations will tend toward reminiscence and recollection of bygone events and eras of our lives. You are more inclined to let go than to hang on during this period.

Virgo: This could be a fine time for you in matters of love and romance. You might have to overcome your shyness and anxiety, but if you ask, the probability of a favorable response is high. Turning inward, you may also be exploring your soul or envisioning your next project.

Libra: You are harboring a secret attitude about a loved one. You may think it is not visible, but it erodes the core of the relationship. The probability is high that it is critical of yourself or the Other. Maybe a change does need to happen.

Scorpio: Activities related to travel, the law and/or higher education may stall out this week. Meanwhile you have favorable aspects for short-distance travel, hiking or other outdoor interests. Changes may be occurring in your primary relationship. Let transformation flow naturally between you.

Sagittarius: If your income fluctuates, you will enjoy this week. Everyone likes how you look and they are generous in showing it. Love life is favorable, but you will need to overlook a few minor adjustments you must make for the partner.

Capricorn: You finally have favorable aspects in the territories of the law, education, publishing and travel. You will be feeling strong and vigorous, interested in getting some exercise. Activities involving the Internet or those from a distance will move smoothly and in your favor.

Aquarius: Please see the lead paragraph. It is your path to allow Chiron, the Centaur, to look out of your eyes this week. That means you will be acting as a teacher or a healer for those around you. Let the energy flow through you and you will come to know yourself more deeply than you did previously.

Pisces: At the beginning of the week, you may have trouble with your allergies. But soon you feel fully well and stronger physically than usual. Love and social life flow smoothly and everyone is in a cooperative mood. It is a relief that your significant other is lightening up a bit.

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