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April 9 – April 15, 2008



Aries The Ram: (March 20 -- April 19)

This is to be an incredibly busy period. Parts of your mind are scattered into so many corners that it is hard to pull everything together. It might help you organize your thoughts if you diagram their connections.

For All Signs: The cosmic picture shows that the next 10 years represent a highly significant challenge to humanity. The message: Grow up, people, or die. That means you and me. Maturity is a choice, not bestowed simply because we reach a certain age. Give some thought to personal situations that cause you to complain. What if you allowed yourself to change perspectives in order to make things easier? The problems won't change, but your attitude will, which makes a powerful difference in how we handle things. If you don't know how to do this in a specific way, then ask your higher self to provide an idea.

Taurus: A bit of R&R is in order. You are in need of some time for introspection and reflection. Although the Bulls are fond of people activities, now is a good time for a relative withdrawal into the quiet. This energy lasts for about a month.

Gemini: Irritability and a tendency to short temper may be your companion early this week. From the 12th forward, the energy shifts and you have positive aspects concerning legal, educational and travel interests.

Cancer: Use caution about taking initiative at this time. There are those around you who will find fault with anything you do or say. It is irritating, so be careful when operating tools or vehicles. You are subject to forget the task at hand and could have an accident.

Leo: Activities involving the law, education and travel are favored. You have positive support from your partner(s), family and significant other. This is a time of healing and increased energy. An investment is showing signs of promise.

Virgo: There are multiple aspects involving your ruling planet, Mercury. This is a good time to remind yourself to slow down. Nervous Virgoans could lose sleep over all this incoming energy. Remember what you have learned about delegating responsibilities.

Libra: Venus, your ruling planet, has entered the 7th house of relationships and will be there until the end of this month. She brings improvements in clientele, social life and partnerships. Consider whether a relationship needs a healing talk.

Scorpio: Circumstances are changeable at work and among co-workers. There is conflicting information flying around. Take especially good care of your body at this time. You are in a physically low cycle and subject to accident or minor injuries with tools or vehicles.

Sagittarius: This is a time in which your exuberance and enthusiasm may carry you farther than you really intended to go. You will certainly have more energy to do whatever you choose, but take care that you don't promise way more than you can deliver.

Capricorn: Oops! This is clearly a rough patch in your relationship(s). The arena may play out in your primary partnership or in your work/career situation. Though someone may be goading you, you know this is not the time to lose your temper or try to make peace. Just give it a wide berth for a couple of weeks.

Aquarius: You have been the recipient of messages, signs and other unusual communications in recent weeks. Now is the time to try them out on a close friend or sibling. If not discussion, then see what you can do about writing out the information that is coming to you.

Pisces: You are feeling warm and generous and, (watch it now) ... extravagant! Under these planetary conditions you might talk yourself into an expenditure that you have thus far only thought about. Now is definitely not the time to add debt to your load.

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