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March 26 – April 1, 2008



Aries The Ram: (March 20 -- April 19)

This is the center of a three-to-four-week period in which things may break. Give attention to symptoms of machinery in the home or in your car. Issues among family members may be irritating. Avoid battles over ego.

For All Signs: The planet Uranus is featured this week because of multiple connections to the other bodies. In our horoscopes Uranus represents the desire to individuate or break free, even at the cost of alienating family. This planet does not follow the cosmic "rules" because it rolls with its axis pointed toward the sun. He is prominent when an individual (or a country) steps away from the traditional to the contrarian path. He was discovered in 1781 and has become known by astrologers as the planet of revolution and rebels due to its proximity in time with the American, French and Russian revolutions. When Uranus is prominent in the sky, we feel the tug to sing our own song or open unique doorways.

Taurus: This is a highly social week. Your attitude is upbeat, and you attract many admirers. Venus, the goddess of love, is on your side. A gift comes your way through the money, time or energy of one who cares about you.

Gemini: Good news comes your way concerning investments, debt or joint resources. Your mind is sharp, and solutions or ideas may suddenly be available without your having to concentrate. This is a favorable period for travel, dealings on the Internet or legal interests.

Cancer: This is a time in which setting boundaries is useful. Someone may have been assuming power that interferes with your space. Quiet self-assertion is a far better tool than allowing yourself to be pressured into a fit of anger.

Leo: This is absolutely not a time to take the offensive, attacking position. If you feel angered by another, think the situation through from the very beginning. Look for your personal contribution to the problem.

Virgo: This is a time to celebrate within your significant relationship(s). That for which you have been waiting is finally at a breakthrough point, and things are coming together. Love and social life are high.

Libra: Many of you are ready to make home improvements. You want to do things that are practical and also add to the value and beauty of your surroundings. (This could also be directed at your office space.) This is a good week to find the right answer, the one that satisfies both needs.

Scorpio: You are in high gear this week. You must use your wits and think quickly. Use caution with the accelerator -- there may be a cop on every corner. Pay attention to what you are doing with knives and other tools. Your reflexes are off a notch. Use care.

Sagittarius: Give attention to the lead paragraph. At this time you are ripe and ready for change, but you are not in a state of revolution. Now is the time when the right ideas and solutions may simply fall into your head.

Capricorn: This is a time in which new doorways are offered that will change how you view the world. This may come through travel and education. Positive options become available via contract, siblings and/or neighbors.

Aquarius: The financial news is better than you expected. A "gift" is on its way. Look for it in any form. Early in the week your immune system is down. Use preventive health care. Activities involving group associations and friendships are favored.

Pisces: Communications are important this week. You have a way of articulating ideas that cause others to open their eyes and "see" new meaning. If you listen carefully, to yourself and also to others, you will also make a leap or two in perspective.

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