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Feb. 20 – Feb. 26, 2008



Pisces The Fish: (Feb. 18 -- March 19)

Your sense of personal identity has been the subject under consideration for the last 18 months. Who are you becoming and who do you need to be? How do you wish to define yourself before the world? You were learning what is required for you to hold onto your identity while simultaneously maintaining a personally rewarding relationship. 

For All Signs: Eclipses always occur in pairs. On Feb. 6 we experienced a partial solar eclipse. On Feb. 20 we will have a total Lunar Eclipse in the sign of Virgo, exact at 10:30 p.m. EST. It should be visible in this area if we are granted clear weather. This is the final eclipse of the Virgo/Pisces axis, which marks the end of an 18-month saros cycle. If we have made corrections as necessary from the beginning, then this eclipse marks a fulfillment or consummation of a particular area of life. We get what we deserve here. Read below for your sun sign or your ascendant (rising) sign to discern which area you are completing.

Aries: The Pisces/Virgo eclipses emphasized your need to create order, both internally and externally. Bringing order out of chaos is done on both the inner and outer levels simultaneously, so while you organized files you were also organizing your mind.

Taurus: The eclipse season is bringing things to a conclusion concerning your community networking and development of friendships. Certainly you will continue to have the friends you have chosen to keep. But now it may be time to let go of the extras, some of the less meaningful relationships.

Gemini: The eclipses have focused a certain amount of intensity in the arenas of career (work in the world) and also home, hearth and family. You have stretched your worldly boundaries in the past 18 months to serve a new group of people.

Cancer: Legal, ethical or educational issues have been emphasized by the eclipses of the last 18 months. Travel was punctuated, whether it be of body, mind, or spirit. Exposure to those of different backgrounds has opened your heart and lead you in new directions.

Leo: The departing eclipse pattern has emphasized issues of sexuality, intimacy and material accumulation. Reorganization of debt and investments may be in progress. You may now be more conscious than usual about existential matters related to life, death and what is on "the other side" of normal, waking consciousness.

Virgo: The eclipses of this 18-month series have drawn attention to your partnerships. Patterns from your childhood history needed to be uncovered, repaired or removed in order to allow your growth into a more mature relationship.

Libra: Eclipses have pressured you to concentrate on improvement of work-related relationships and health maintenance. Diet, exercise and improvement of physical regimen have been imperative. Honing your management systems in personal and work arenas was necessary to create order in your daily work routine.

Scorpio: The eclipse pattern of the past 18 months emphasized your progeny or other personally creative births. You have also learned a few lessons in discernment concerning friendships and associations that no longer serve you well.

Sagittarius: Matters concerning your family and property have been accented for the past 18 months. Old problems in relationships, even with the deceased, have been brought to consciousness for cleansing and healing. A new family member may have entered the scene.

Capricorn: The accent of the past 18-month eclipse cycle has been on travel, education, care of vehicles and relationships to siblings, roommates, neighbors or others who daily traverse your life. Habit patterns of thought were reviewed and negative thinking corrected.

Aquarius: This 18-month eclipse series has accented personal and financial resources. Greater understanding and awareness have developed related to expenditures of time, energy and money. You have learned to eliminate or recycle whatever no longer serves a useful purpose in your life.

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