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2008 Annual Horoscope



For All Signs: A separate column will be published next week that describes the global picture of 2008. In the meantime, see below for your sun and/or ascending signs to get a peek at the year in advance.

Aries: Mars, your ruling planet, has been retrograding since mid-November. It slows everything through the winter while you contemplate what you want to do next. Action picks up about mid-March. During the first quarter you will be evaluating a relationship or a project. If it is a good one, there will be a celebratory occasion by the middle of March. Through May your general attention will be on property, family and security needs. In September, you will seal a deal or start a new partnership, business or romantic. Throughout the year you will recognize the need to organize the details of your life, at work, home and personally. It is important for you to focus more time and discipline in the area of health. November through December is a period of high strain and may include travel, along with general worry overload. Take your vitamins.

Taurus: You are moving into a long period in which education, formal or otherwise, becomes intensely important in your life. Your spiritual ideas will also be changing. Travel, whether of the spirit or of the body, will be a prominent feature throughout 2008. Expansion of the boundaries of your life is beginning now and will continue for several years. In order to proceed, you will have to risk leaving a condition or even a person behind. That is scary, especially in March, but it is the right thing to do if you want to grow. A new relationship to yourself and to another will begin in May. During the months of May to June, gather clarity about your direction because it will require concentration to take the journey. You do not want to be conflicted on the path. The last quarter marks a time of meeting people and going everywhere.

Gemini: Take time to think carefully before beginning new activities through March. March is socially and romantically active. Throughout the year it is time to give serious attention to investments and joint property. Don't simply hide your savings in a mattress or give it to a broker and forget it – study how best to use it. A time of especially good fortune concerning property and shared resources occurs in April. In early May through June 10, it is more favorable for you to be reflecting and thinking about your next phase in life. Set big decisions aside until the clearly right answer comes. Travel is prominent through July and early August. The pace of September will be odd. Everything begins in a rush of plans and activity, followed by a fairly immediate curbing while you think again. Then from mid-October to the end of the year, things move into forward motion.

Cancer: For the next year and a half, many of your hours will involve organizing financial matters, correcting your will and claiming what is owed to you. It is probable that you will benefit through the resources of others during that period. You may be the recipient of an inheritance or other gifts. Your interest in the mysteries of life and death both deepen. During the second quarter your mind may be a million miles away, pondering and searching your spiritual beliefs. The late summer will present you with issues of sharing. The last quarter brings you to study yourself in relationship to significant others. Do you like the direction of things? Is there something that needs to be resolved in order to move forward?

Leo: There may be a lot of talk and no real action for the first quarter. You probably know what you want to do, but your partner and significant others cannot find clarity. These important people are likely to be fuzzy-minded all year. The times of particular stress in relationship(s) occur in February and also in August. For those who are single but involved, this is the year to recreate the relationship or let it go. This is a very fine year to begin a significant new health routine. Your usual daily routine, work environment, coworkers and employees bring positive changes into your life. You will be restructuring finances, due to a desire to develop a long-term investment. Save carefully because in the last quarter there will be sudden expenses to handle. Late May, June and July are the most social months of the year.

Virgo: Now is the time to redefine yourself and your life direction. You've known it for over a year, and by the late summer of 2007 it became starkly clear. It may be lonely on the path for a couple of years, but the effort will give you new life. Let the past go. Keep only what and who is truly important to you. Between now and the summer of 2009, the main project is to blend what is at your core and unchangeable with a new and improved self. This undertaking will be a test of confidence and creativity, but it is timely now. If your wish is to have children or encounter a new lover, it likely will be granted this year. You will be fuzzy-minded in latter April. In the months of May and June, you likely will travel to some place you have been in the past. September through October is a time to pause and think carefully about the next steps. In November through December you will begin the new project in earnest.

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