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Dec. 19 – Dec. 25, 2007


The Goat: (Dec. 21 – Jan. 19)

The sun returns "home" to your sign this week. You likely will find it to be energizing. Now is the time to focus on new plans for this next full year of your life. Take a fresh look at where you want to direct your energy. This season is upbeat and the changes of '08 will be exciting.

For All Signs: The Romans, when Christianizing the Jews, are thought to have chosen the 25th of December as the annual date on which to celebrate Jesus' birth because Hanukkah, an accepted tradition, was celebrated on the 25th day of Kislev, third month of the Jewish lunar year. Across the centuries and cross-culturally, humans have always found ways to celebrate the light of Spirit that never quite goes out inside, no matter how dark it may appear in the world. We rejoice in the ongoing rebirth of hope for new life on the planet and within our psyches.

Aries: This looks like a week in which you really want to say your piece, but you have a sense that would be a bad idea. Agreed. Your ruling planet, Mars, continues to retrograde. If someone "attacks" you, then you may safely defend yourself. But if you want to snipe at anyone, you'd best keep it to yourself for now.

Taurus: The last thing in the world you want to do right now is follow routine. You are grateful for the holiday period. Let your imagination flow and consider adding something inspirational to your everyday surroundings. Adding more color to your life will perk up your attitude.

Gemini: Your attention shifts to matters of shared resources for the next three weeks. "Resources" include time, things of material value, energy and sexuality. The territory is wide, ranging from the mundane study of the budget, to investments, and even to important discussions with partners over the need for greater intimacy.

Cancer: This week you need to think deeply and remain as aware as possible of all levels of your consciousness. Otherwise you could attract an attack on your ego. It is possible that you may not feel at your best. If so, the probability is high you will curl up in your healing shell and wait for the week to pass.

Leo: The Sun is entering the department of personal health and organization. This season, in particular, you are already making plans for a makeover of your personal care habits. Some of you may be asking for exercise equipment or gym memberships for Christmas.

Virgo: Saturn in your sign is a somber weight on your shoulders, but events of the week suggest that you can see a crack of daylight. Those of you who seek a fresh romantic relationship have one in the wings right now. If you don't, there is still quite a lot of partying to manage.

Libra: This holiday season you may retreat into a few days of R&R. Partying may not appeal this year. Perhaps you need to be still and meditate. Your sense about finances is somewhat confused. Use caution with the credit cards.

Scorpio: It appears you have good news concerning career and income at this time. You are in the mood to celebrate. Any mind-altering substance is likely to affect you in greater measure than is normal. Your inhibitions may not be well contained.

Sagittarius: You have news to crow about during this period. It appears that you have a promotion or a positive financial horizon ahead. It would be best not to talk too loudly or tell too many. The reward may be slow to develop.

Aquarius: You probably are normally at the center of the party during the holidays. But this week you actually prefer to stay home and curl up in front of the fire. This particular year you may not desire a lot of company. Stock up on your favorite movies or borrow some absorbing books from the library.

Pisces: Here is one for the Fish who often swims in opposite directions from the self. There are two cosmic messages. One is that you have a busy social life, with lots of talk and partying. The other is that you may prefer to be left alone. Give some room to both needs this week.

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