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Oct. 31 – Nov. 6, 2007




The Phoenix: (Oct. 23 -- Nov. 20)

You have favorable aspects for travel, the law, education and publishing interests. You will be generally favored by the males in your life during this period. You may feel pressured into a manipulated situation with a friend. Resist the trap.

For All Signs: Mercury turns direct on Nov. 1. This planet's retrograde phenomenon occurs three times per year so we've all experienced many of them. This particular one has been more serious than most because of its position in the zodiac at this time. Normally it represents communication and paperwork snarls, shifts in schedules and confusing messages. However this episode of the retrograde has represented emotional hurdles as well. For many, old and painful history has surfaced to be grieved over again, challenges to self esteem have forced a re-examination of issues we thought had been laid to rest. Though not pleasant to experience, the result of reworking these things generates a stronger definition of self and is ultimately healing.

Aries: Your ruling planet, Mars, will be turning retrograde in two weeks. Even now it is slowing its forward motion and so are you. Outside circumstances may be creating a detour. Otherwise, this symbolic change of direction suggests that you need to slow down and carefully ponder your next plan.

Taurus: Changes may be occurring in a relationship to your child or to your lover. One or the other of you may be playing a "prove it if you love me" game. Even if the words are never spoken, you may be saying them in your head. Try to catch this and step aside from manipulative routines.

Gemini: You have had a creative idea brewing for several weeks. Now the way is clearing so you can start. Some of you have been considering a plan concerning a lover or children for the same period. November is the time to initiate.

Cancer: You have particularly favorable aspects in the territory concerning lovers, children, play and maybe even a bit of gambling. Your creative energy is high, and others appreciate and praise your efforts. It encourages you to continue to produce.

Leo: You have a mix of aspects this week. There may be a temptation to become a savior. Try to have perspective and don't become a martyr. Otherwise you have particularly positive aspects concerning home, family and/or property. You are likely the recipient of a gift or experience small favors.

Virgo: While your ruling planet (Mercury) has been retrograding, you have been evaluating your financial circumstances, along with your other resources. Now that it is beginning to move forward again, you are in a better position to make decisions regarding your next move.

Libra: You are harboring a secret attitude about a loved one. You may think it is not visible, but it erodes the core of the relationship. The probability is high that it is critical of yourself or the other. Maybe a change does need to happen, but blame as a source of pressure is not useful.

Sagittarius: The pressure of pending change is making itself known in your work arena. A situation that may no longer be tolerable for you personally is the fulcrum. Perhaps this is an issue in which you cannot find any method to create peace enough for efficient operation. Speak up, but do so as privately as possible.

Capricorn: Now that Mercury is turning direct, you will have more signs of forward motion concerning business activities. Interests in the legal, educational, publishing and travel world have been sluggish, if not fully stopped in recent weeks. Circle back now and pick up the dropped pieces.

Aquarius: Someone may be pressuring you to give a favor. The difficult challenge here is to handle this in a straight transaction. It would be all too easy to adopt a martyr-like pose and give what is requested with a mild resentment. Before you respond, think carefully about what you really want to give. Do so and no more.

Pisces: You are tempted to deceive yourself and/or someone else this week about your identity and feelings. That may be all you can do in this situation, but falsehood extracts a price over time. Try to find another solution. Positive energies surround the sector of the law, travel, education and publishing.

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