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Oct. 24 – Oct. 30, 2007


The Phoenix (Oct. 23 – Nov. 20): 

The sun returns "home" to your sign this week. You likely will find it to be energizing. Now is the time to focus on new plans for this next year of your life. Take a fresh look at where you want to direct your energy.

For All Signs: When Mercury is retrograde it is always important to give special attention to conveying and receiving messages as accurately as possible. This particular retrograde has an additional twist in its character because it is occurring in the highly intense sign of Scorpio. Given the additional factor of Saturn's prominence (see last column), we need to be aware of the strong temptation to point the finger in every possible direction in order to escape feeling a sense of blame or remorse. Mature wisdom tells us when things are wrong. We do not have to swallow a pint of guilt; neither do we need to choke it down another's throat. Do what is necessary to repair the situation and let it go.


Aries: Forward motion may be delayed or impeded. You might have a close friend or a family member who needs your time and assistance now. Things around you are generally decreasing in speed, so the sacrifice needed is not so great as it would be at other times in your life.


Taurus: A relationship or friendship that began with gusto last winter arrives at a point of evaluation. The question of commitment may always be an issue in this situation. Which of you is dallying here? It is unlike the Bulls to dance around a relationship, but maybe this one has never felt quite settled.

 Gemini: Mercury has moved backward into the territory that rules Gemini's children, creative efforts and love life. Anything on your radar screen that is related to these territories is subject to turnaround, review, deceleration and rethinking for a few weeks. 


Cancer:  Unfortunately, some of the Moon Children have been plagued with health difficulties since the end of August. At this point any of you who are ill could be well served by seeking nontraditional treatments, in addition to standard medicine.


Leo: Your attention shifts toward home, hearth and family as it often does at this time of year. You may have a strong need to clean out debris, do yard work and generally make things ready for winter. It is your natural solar rhythm. Your pace is steady and the time is pleasant.


Virgo: Mercury has turned backward into your financial territory. The probability is high that you will discover some error made in the past that must be rectified fairly soon. It may be as simple as finding a bill that was forgotten and left unpaid. With luck, you might find money left in a coat pocket from last year.

 Libra: Mercury has just retrograded back to your sun sign. It isn't easy for you to make decisions in the first place, but don't even try to finalize anything while a retrograding Mercury is with you. It is possible that a decision that you thought final is now looking entirely different.


Sagittarius: You are bringing a long-term project to a conclusion this fall. If it is for "the greater good" it will be successful. Your mood is bright and you have a need to be social. You are interested in whatever feels luxurious, looks beautiful or tickles the senses.


Capricorn: You are probably involved in a heavy duty mental project that requires as much perfection as possible. Certainly you can manage it, but it would be especially good right now to ask someone else to double check your work. It is all too easy to miss details when Mercury is retrograde.


Aquarius: If you and partner have any challenges concerning sharing of resources or intimacy, this is the time to bring it out for an open discussion. If there is no issue here, then you can use this broad-minded, open energy to explore new and interesting forms of recreation.


Pisces: You have two threads in motion this week. One of them is highly mental and has your mind very busy with ideas. The other is related to your partner who wants you to join him or her in play. The solution would be to add a day or two to the week. 


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