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Oct. 3 -- Oct. 9, 2007


The Scales (Sept. 22 -- Oct. 22): 

You are beginning to heal after the challenging relationship experiences between July and the end of September. You emerge stronger and more aware of your individuality now. People are giving particular attention to what you say at this time.

For All Signs:  Mercury, known in mythology as the messenger god, turns retrograde on Oct. 11. It is common in the two weeks before the date of the retrograde for things to begin slowing down. It is usually a good idea to delay contractual agreements or final commitments on important decisions during these periods because information may be scanty or lacking. It is an excellent time to review past events and focus energy in self reflection that will help you plan for the future. (More next week.)


Aries: Your experiences with work and career are positive right now. Co-workers are helpful; however, activities in the territories of general friendships, contacts in the community or organizations to which you belong could seem really weird. Don't let it get to you. Ninety-nine percent of people's behavior is about themselves, rather than you.


Taurus: Venus, your ruling planet, moves into the sector of life related to children, recreation and romance. The goddess of love is happy in this territory and often brings new energy and light wherever she goes. You may struggle between the image of lover versus mother. 


Gemini: This is a positive time in your life, in which the daily routine is flowing smoothly. Your word is given kudos, and you have reason to feel proud. Your personal maintenance habits, while having their daily ups and downs, are stable in the big picture. 


Cancer: This is a particularly good time to make a statement about who you are and what you believe to be proper. Someone who may suffer because of your commentary will try to skirt the issue. However, at this time the principle has more value than maintaining a friendship with this individual.


Leo: Those who pursue the realm of alternative healing will find a treasure at this time. Any non-traditional subject will be of interest now. You and your partner are supportive to each other, even though you each want to pursue your personal goals. Energies are positive in the romantic and play department.


Virgo: You have a need to focus attention on matters of importance to your future. You may be at the point of initiation of a new study. This is business, rather than a social moment in your life. You need to be alone to concentrate or share within a group who has the same goal.

 Scorpio: There is a lot happening this week. Your relationship to a child or to a lover may seem very strange. Don't make a big thing of it. Hold your tongue. Co-workers and career life is operating well. Beware of a temptation to fixate on an idea or a feeling. Be still with it for a few weeks, then revisit with fresh eyes.


Sagittarius: You continue to be restless and excitable. You want to make changes in your routine and/or home and hearth. Those who are fortunate have travel plans during this period which can use some of that extra adrenaline you are toting. Your exuberant mood could cause you to overextend your promises. Think before committing.


Capricorn: There is a matter concerning travel, education, the law or publishing that needs to be completed. The one who acts as your partner is in the ring with you and wants to help. Family members are also available for support if needed. Those of you who are grandparents are happy to care for the second generation if need be.


Aquarius: Make a special effort to avoid allergens in the environment. Remain conscious of good health habits. Your physical cycle is in a temporary dip. Consider whether it is time to take a "mental health day." It is more pleasant to do so consciously than through the back door with a virus.


Pisces: You are restless and want to do anything except the usual routine. Some of you will be looking for a new house, car or an exciting high tech device. A fresh opportunity related to career could capture your attention. You may be in a gullible frame of mind. Watch the tendency to perceive only what you want to hear.


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