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Feb. 21 - Feb. 27, 2007


The Fish: (Feb. 18 - March 19)

It is important to give attention to where you may be undermining yourself. The consequences are showing, so it is probably already in your awareness. On another level you may be experiencing the desire to shock those who think they know you. Be careful.

For All Signs: Three weeks ago I wrote about the critically important arrangement of Saturn and Neptune. This is a cosmic theme from summer 2006 to summer 2007. Saturn rules hardcore reality, the rules and limits of our lives. It is our teacher on the earth plane. Neptune rules the spiritual, the ethereal, that which is illusive or grand beyond measure. We must cultivate hope and optimism, which makes things manifest. Yet our dreams need to be based upon something realistically possible, or we might never achieve what we want.

Aries: Your attention naturally shifts toward plans for the future and finding new ways to meet your goals. The probability is high that you will be leading or joining activities that call for cooperation from one or more groups of people over the next several weeks.

Taurus: You may be the recipient to office cooler gossip this week. Remember that Mercury is in retrograde and no piece of information can be taken seriously. You will be far better off if you do not carry tales. The Inner Critic may be on the loose in your head.

Gemini: You have a strong desire to press others to recognize whom you have become. You want to assert your individuality, which is a good thing. However, you may not yet have all your facts together, and it would be wiser to wait out the Mercury retrograde (following March 7) before you proceed.

Cancer: After a beautiful time of togetherness last week, you and your partner each need some time to yourselves. If you are unaware of this desire, dig a bit deeper into your psyche, particularly if your partner seems a little edgy and irritable.

Leo: You are still needing to check and double-check financial records for possible errors. Perhaps you are rummaging through the archives for lost data and/or receipts. Don't panic. Whenever a piece of paper has gone missing during a Mercury retrograde, it will always turn up again near the next change of direction (March 7).

Virgo: You and your significant other both have a need to assert yourselves. It could be that you wish to be seen as the unique couple that you are. On the other hand, you may have individual needs to pursue personal interests, apart from each other.

Libra: Libras are usually sensitive to others, but this week you are exaggeratedly so. You are worrying about one or more relationships and so your antenna is over-focused on any possible statement or nuance that suggests a problem. Remember that all information is ephemeral right now. Chill.

Scorpio: Your focus shifts at this time to matters of home, property and family. Through the next seven weeks you may be handling heavy work around your home, and/or making repairs. You and other family members may be managing volatile emotional issues or difficult machinery.

Sagittarius: You likely will have a need to go back and refresh your memory in a particular area of education. Vocabulary or lingo plays a role. This is a good time to do so because there are few other big distractions in the environment and you can concentrate.

Capricorn: It is exceptionally important at this time in your life that you not allow yourself to be pressured into making decisions before you are fully ready. That is especially true in the financial territory. Know that 2008-09 will bring nothing short of major transformation to your life. Stick to your instincts now!

Aquarius: Mars, the original god of war, enters your sign this week. "He" represents the part of us that knows what we want and has the courage to initiate pursuit of the desired objective. "He" is not willing to back down from a skirmish and can give us the will to speak about what is on our minds.

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