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Feb. 7 - Feb. 13, 2007


The Waterbearer: (Jan. 20 - Feb. 18)

This is not a great time in your life. Your intuition is very strong and causes you to feel the pain of everyone nearby. You want to help. At the same time the circumstances are fighting you all the way and may generate fatigue.

For All Signs: Mercury, the planet that rules communications, common business practice and travel, turns retrograde on Feb. 13 and will remain so until March 7. During this period it is best to avoid finalizing major decisions or signing contractual agreements. Seemingly good ideas are often discovered later to have flaws or missing information. Projects that are begun during the cycle often cannot be completed until several months later, at the next retrograde. The cycle is most beneficially used to complete old plans, gather information on proposed ideas and reflect on past progress.

Aries: There is a "guardian" in the wings who is looking out for your better interests. This angel is probably feminine. You may not know for weeks who it is, but unseen help is perched on your shoulder. This is one of those weeks when your timing is right for everything, whether physical or mental.

Taurus: You have strongly favorable aspects during this period. You may be the recipient of one or more gifts or other blessings. Pay close attention to the friends and new associations that enter your life this week. One of them will be helpful to your next direction.

Gemini: Whoops! Be careful! You were on the verge of surprising the world around you with a change of trajectory. Don't announce it quite yet because Mercury is your ruling planet and you may change your mind almost immediately. Keep the plan to yourself for the next few weeks, and allow it to change as needed.

Cancer: This is a fine week for the relationship(s) of Moon Children. Your energy is flowing freely, and it is easier to "get outside" of yourself. You likely will meet people who point you in the right way.

Leo: This is a challenging period. Someone in your life is in need of your help. This person or situation may be draining you of energy, so much that you are losing strength. You must be realistic about the boundaries of your capacity.

Virgo: Your ruling planet is going retrograde (see lead paragraph). This is not the time to sink any plans into concrete because they will not stay. Activities of the next few weeks will be guided by the changes of others in your life. You may feel stable, but the others are wishy-washy and that makes your life more challenging.

Libra: This is a period in which others are particularly complimentary about your work. People love you, everywhere you go. They want to help you make beneficial connections to others. The Internet or items of high tech and electronics are particularly useful.

Scorpio: Love, romance and play continue to be part of your scene. Be bold if there is someone you want to approach. The results should be rewarding. You may be enjoying your knack for the mechanical at this time. If not, there will be one nearby who volunteers.

Sagittarius: Your attitude is upbeat and optimistic. People feel good just because they are near you. You have a special affinity for that which is beautiful and/or pleases you at this time and could be an easy target for salespeople. Remember that Mercury is retrograde and impulse buys are not in the Tao this month. Otherwise, enjoy!

Capricorn: Aspects are not the best for the Goats at this time. You may feel isolated or as though no one around you can possibly understand who or what you are. In some way you may be prevented from communicating by life circumstances. The inner critic could overwhelm your mind if you allow it. Remember that feelings come and go like waves. They never remain the same.

Pisces: Take note of the lead paragraph. Mercury is traveling backward in Pisces. For several weeks you have been approaching significant changes that more honestly represent who you have become. Slow down a bit while Mercury is retrograding and think things through one more time before charging forward.

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