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Sept. 1 - Sept. 7, 2005


The Virgin (Aug. 22 - Sept. 22)

You've been pondering your life direction and evolving identity for several weeks now. It is time to bring those secret thoughts to consciousness and verbalize them, either orally or in writing. Be gentle with yourself and don't mistake the Critic's opinion for genuine thought.

For All Signs Pluto is the god of the underworld, known for his ability to transform energy from one form to another. On Sept. 2 Pluto turns direct, which symbolizes bringing deep changes of the past few months to the surface for display in the daylight. This is a time to shake off toxins, and bring old "garbage" to the surface. You may have been considering a metamorphosis in some area of life and during the next six months you will have the opportunity to make it manifest.

Aries Communication is especially important to you at this time. You have a need to work out details and convey your thoughts as quickly as possible. Those who write or speak for a living may be overrun with ideas and words that pour out of your consciousness.

Taurus You have a desire to improve your everyday environment by adding something beautiful or luxurious to enjoy as you work. Good things are happening in your primary relationship. You are more open to change at this time than is normal, less stubborn, less bull-like.

Gemini You may have at least a million errands to run and phone calls to make this week. Be careful with the heavy driving foot. The law is parked around every corner. Tools and machinery may be arbitrary. If you notice symptoms of trouble, don't hesitate to give them attention.

Cancer Your feelings and your intellect may be at odds over the weekend. Your mind is racing, perhaps about finances, and it keeps bumping into what you sense deeply is your long term direction. These two factors may have to be wrestled into cooperative agreement.

Leo People in your life had better stand back this week, lest you blow them over with an angry wind. You are ready to tell the world what you think. The fiery Lion can roar indeed when provoked. Sacrifice is all well and good, but there comes a time when cubs must take care of themselves.

Libra You have a strong need to express yourself through the arts or music at this time. The outcome is particularly favorable. Love, romance and social life are all focused this week. You want to connect with people and your sparkling personality is at its best.

Scorpio You and your partner have much to give each other by way of communication. Slow your thoughts and your speech so it can be thoroughly understood and pondered by the "other." Give yourself plenty of time to absorb what is said to you before you respond.

Sagittarius Cheery skies and good news follow you wherever you go. You carry a strong influence with people, so be sure you mean what you say. Favors are freely given and received at this time. You especially enjoy the diversity in people and it shows.

Capricorn It is important that you follow through with whatever you need educationally (or through research) in order to get what you want. Financial agreements with others require some tweaking to make everyone happy. Travel may be on the agenda, for the sake of your health or learning.

Aquarius An issue over bills, shared financial resources, investments, or taxes may prevent forward motion for a few days. Take good care of your health. You are more than normally susceptible to toxic environmental influences. Concerns about your partner occupy your thoughts.

Pisces You have a need to maintain distance between yourself and the herd during this period. This is mostly unconscious and may not be visible to you, although others can see it. Good news and blessings come your way through your partner, investments, taxes, or other shared resources.

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