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Sept. 8 - Sept. 14, 2005


The Virgin (Aug. 22 - Sept. 22)

Either you or the "other" is seeking freedom of expression and is rebelling against boundaries or requirements. Even if this appears to you to be the other person, examine your deep desires closely. It is probable that you want something similar, but you are keeping it a secret.

For All Signs The times are difficult. He/she who has power wields it with an iron fist and a touch of arrogance. This attracts hit-and-run enemies and those who are passive aggressive, whether on a personal or a global level. However, the downtrodden are collecting now and through the end of '05. They will challenge the Powers that Be in '06. They will sacrifice themselves in order to expose any Wizard of Oz who stands behind nothing except a thin curtain.

Aries Cooperation with coworkers increases the favorable outcome of the tasks completed. Your leadership is undisputed, so long as you remain aware of your station in life. If you cross the invisible line, you will be squashed. Remain aware of territory and boundaries.

Taurus The issue of healing, whether emotional or physical, is on the table. You are asked to find forgiveness inside of yourself. That is for your own highest benefit, not the "other's." This is a good time to ask for a consultation if you need it.

Gemini You may be pressured to speak your mind over matters of family, home and security. The Powers that Be may dislike it, but they won't retaliate right away. If this is occurring, watch your back for the next few months. You are subject to change your mind frequently this week.

Cancer You are allied with the sun this week and others will notice your presence. You radiate sunshine and generosity wherever you go. The cosmic attitude is anti-arrogance at this time, so don't overstep boundaries and you will be given plenty of room to shine.

Leo You must walk a tightrope during this period. There are no promises of reward that you can see. But if you stay with it and do what is asked of you, fair compensation will follow. Be mindful of any arrogant attitudes. The Powers that Be are not in the mood to trifle.

Libra You have indulged your sense of taste and pleasure for several months. Now it is time to figure out what you owe and plan the way to pay for it. Rein your desires and enjoy what you already have. Share yourself and your belongings with others in your life.

Scorpio Your need for peace in your primary relationship may cause you to forgive small transgressions. But little ones have a way of growing. Stay in touch with your true feelings, whether or not you choose to speak about them. Find tactful ways to express your anger.

Sagittarius The wide playing field of recent weeks is narrowed by the "rules" or the law. Authorities are not in the mood to forgive errors, so it is best to do what is expected for now. Do not allow your mouth to rattle or you will wish you had not done so.

Capricorn The pressure is strong in the territory of finances. This is not the best period of your life on this front. Do the best you can to juggle the commitments you can manage. Be practical and lay the facts on the table for others. You can only do so much.

Aquarius You are challenged on several fronts. The most dramatic is in the area of significant other(s). The news may be frightening and challenging to the status quo. It could perk up your old fears of abandonment. Authority figures are not supportive now.

Pisces Your desire to have that which is beautiful or luxurious probably has put you in a bit of a bind financially. Better now to slow down the process until you can compensate. In some way there is a need to make a sacrifice on behalf of a relationship.

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