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Sept. 22 - Sept. 28, 2005


The Scales (Sept. 22 -- Oct. 22)

You and a lover or a child could have confusion over money or other things of value. Do what you can to clarify your position and move beyond the problem. It is possible a cherished belief about the relationship is temporarily dissolved. Don't make too much of it.

For All Signs Several planetary indicators suggest a period of relative scarcity of resources worldwide. This began in late August and will continue through mid-summer 2005. Major events that are beyond our control will occur periodically throughout this period. We will all become far more conscious of the quantity of valuable commodities we use. Expect to spend more money for ordinary supplies than is normal. Corporate bodies will be cutting even more deeply into their work forces in order to conserve money. This is part of a greater global leveling process required by the new Age of Aquarius.

Aries If you are in an irritable frame of mind, it is probably best to work alone this week. You have a tendency to speak in a barking tone of voice that may create general havoc. It is important now to remain cognizant of who you are within a relationship.

Taurus Your sense of direction may be confused or disoriented because you are waiting for your partner to generate clarity. There may be no other choice at the moment. Do what you can to organize details so you will be able to dive into the next steps when the path is more definite.

Gemini You will be focused on lovers, children, the arts, fun and entertainment between now and Oct. 8. Someone from the past may enter your life, which draws your attention in one of these directions. You may be ready to return to a former unfinished project for completion.

Cancer You keep working toward your future goals, but your family and environment keep pulling you back to handle things in the trenches. You may be hearing from a family member or old friend that has been out of the loop for awhile. There will be lots of catch up conversation.

Leo The next month brings an ever-moving kaleidoscope of telephone calls, emails, and communications of all kinds. You may be traveling nearby or managing more than the ordinary number of errands. Education is likely to be fairly prominent on the agenda.

Virgo Between now and Oct. 8 your attention will be channeled into organization and balancing of financial resources. Cleaning up old bills will become a priority. This is part of a larger cycle in which you are preparing for a fresh life beginning.

Scorpio Relationship(s) may be touchy and possibly confusing this week. Avoid the temptation to be deceptive. Property may be at risk due to theft. Take care with valuables. Your direction may appear to be clear, but you may not be seeing accurately.

Sagittarius This is just one week in a larger cycle of a month in which you are especially enjoying new equipment or other updated property. You are likely in a particularly open and gregarious frame of mind. You want to share your excitement with others.

Capricorn This is a good week to write contracts and make plans to further your long term goals. You have been working hard to create a long term savings or investment plan and now you have the opportunity to help it grow. It is not spectacular, but it is stable.

Aquarius You are in a dreamy state of mind. You want to spend time involved with things of beauty or creating expressions of art. This will be a joy unless the world requires you to work. Beware of holding unattainable ideals for your significant other.

Pisces A legal, travel, or educational issue that began in February with a lie is now coming to full harvest. The truth is becoming apparent. Hopefully you are on the side of truth, and probably you are. You are far more extroverted than is normal for your temperament.

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