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Nov. 3 - Nov. 9, 2005


The Scorpion (Oct. 23 -- Nov. 20)

You may feel thoroughly compelled to confront one or more others in your life at this time. Concentrate on fair play and honesty. You do not have strong standing in your situation. Do not allow an opponent to press you into behavior that is unfitting or crude.

For All Signs Economic indicators will be looking pessimistic now. We have at least a year of general financial roller coaster ahead. Classic astrological aspects for a downturn are prominent through the second quarter of '07. Pay off debt, avoid adding to your living deficit, and save money if you can. The stock market is likely to be slippery and hard to navigate for all but the most knowledgeable for approximately the next two years. If your personal assessment is in agreement with these statements, then you know financial conservatism is probably the best bet for the times.

Aries It may be a challenge to manage this week without being drawn into a battle of wills with another. Defend yourself if you are attacked, but do not take the initiative in a quarrel. You will lose, no matter how powerful it appears you are.

Taurus A competitor in business is likely to make efforts to provoke you into a war. You may protect yourself without harm, but do not retaliate or initiate the combat. Use caution on any important expenditure. You are in danger of spending money well beyond your budget or needs.

Gemini In February you conceived an idea that is related to your career direction or plans for the future. Now it has evolved to such a degree that others are able to see where you are going. Think carefully before making any quick statements or decisions at this time.

Cancer Forward motion is held in check by the need to wait, probably on finances or other needed resources. It could be especially frustrating, particularly after all the rushing and new awakenings in October. In about a month, activity begins to move again. Have patience.

Leo Decisions and plans that were seminal in July-August are now arriving at a turning point. You probably can see errors or roadblocks in the original design. You are urged to be realistic and find practical solutions to whatever misreckoning was there in the beginning.

Virgo Circumstances may change suddenly around your significant other's career or plans for the future. Family matters may alter as a result of this change. Your job is to remain as stable as possible and observe the outcome. Avoid reacting in panic or anxiety.

Libra Over the weekend you may notice your attention shifting to an interest in making your surroundings more attractive. You may want to paint a room or organize your life details so things are more pleasant. It is a good time to invite friends into your home.

Sagittarius You are gaining help from a "guardian," whether seen or unseen, during this period. People want you to succeed. Take care that you do not appear arrogant and overambitious. Use your energies for the "highest good" and all will be well.

Capricorn A new initiative of late July or August is now arriving at a testing point. Your conception of the creative idea is taking a turn of its own and this might be costly in time or resources. Decide whether to commit more intensely or to let it go.

Aquarius A new idea, conceived in February, arrives at the point of its fullest flower. It cannot go much farther than you see it right now. On another note, this may be a week in which you feel somewhat depleted. Perhaps your ego has been quashed. It is temporary.

Pisces In April you may have been "attacked" by one who could be called a predator. This is one who hits and runs, making it impossible to handle things in a straightforward fashion. Be prepared for another bombshell, possibly from the legal sector.

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